The 5 Reasons Why Brides Overspend on Their Wedding

I have been in the wedding industry for over 5 years now.

As a young woman with a passion for weddings, I started out in wedding design. A series of events from there lead me to ultimately become Editor in Chief of I can confidently say that I know a thing or two about the wedding industry and the ways that brides experience it as a consumer. 

But I don’t only know the wedding industry because I work in it. Before I joined the industry as a wedding professional, I was a bride. It is this cumulative experience of being a wedding expert as well as a former bride myself, that helped me realize issues that were a part of a larger problem when it comes to how brides spend their money. 

As a bride and as a wedding professional in the industry for over 5 years, I have learned 5 tough lessons and the reasons why brides are consistently overspending on their wedding:

  1. Brides do not have access to discounts and promotions in the way that consumers in retail, food, or other industries do. Meaning, there are no regular available ways to save money with your trusted vendors
  2. Brides have a large sum of money to spend in a short amount of time, on a single event. Making them impulsive spenders
  3. Brides buy based on emotion and therefore are inherently a vulnerable and easy consumer to over charge and up sell
  4. Brides do not feel comfortable negotiating prices with vendors to make it work within their budget
  5. The wedding industry is saturated with vendors and brides have find it challenging to secure trusted vendors

I am in communication with over 10,000 brides a day through @theweddingpic on social media and I see the real pain points that brides are experiencing while planning their wedding – especially when it comes to money. Here is a message a real bride sent to @thewedding pic on our Direct Messages on April 25th 2019:


“[I] find it very overwhelming, gone way over budget and will need to get a loan/credit. Can’t sleep.”


This is the exact opposite of what wedding planning should feel like for a bride. Brides are overwhelmed, taking loans, and losing sleep because of their wedding. This is a result of the 5 lessons above that I have listed. Brides do not have access to saving money, access to offers / discounts, and they do not hold any bargaining power.

There are ways that the wedding industry can do a better job at providing brides with the consumer offers, promotions, and experiences that consumers in other industries receive regularly. There is a reason that shopping for clothes is considered “retail therapy” but shopping for your wedding is not.

I have thought, brainstormed and planned countless ways to bring offers and sales to brides. For years I was unable to find a way to empower brides as consumers.

The light bulb moment occurred.

I was going to put the power in the hands of the bride. I was going to put the power in the hands of the bride by creating Wedding Price Card. A brides only, exclusive card holder membership that reshapes the way the wedding industry sees the bride. A membership that transforms brides from a vulnerable customer, to a valuable one.

Wedding Price Card changes everything.

We protect our brides from inflated prices, sales pressure, and unprofessional vendor services.

Wedding Price Card does this with an industry changing preferred vendors list. Unlike other major vendor lists in the industry, Wedding Price Card provides brides with a vendor list where every single vendor provides real and meaningful savings to the bride. The savings come in the form of up to 25% off of their product/service or with other exclusive offers. Brides don’t need to negotiate or even ask, you simply let the vendor know that you are a WPC bride and you are automatically eligible for instant savings.

It’s that simple.

Let’s put the joy back into wedding planning, together. Become a member of Wedding Price Card and start saving money on trusted wedding vendors and brands while getting real, honest wedding advice. 

Trust me, you got this. Wedding Price Card has your back.




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