Who Pays For The Wedding?

Wedding planning is a big financial investment and there are usually blurred lines around who pays for what. Although this varies across cultures and customs, we will focus this blog on western weddings and how the financial responsibilities of wedding planning works!

Now, traditionally in western culture, the bride and her family cover the costs of the wedding but this has long changed since. Today, couples are splitting the bill on their wedding and taking up more of the financial responsibility on their own (about 73% of the costs). Although parents and relatives may volunteer to contribute to particular purchases or vendors, this is voluntary and based on each individual case!

Let’s do a little walk through of the key purchases of a wedding and who would traditionally cover the cost versus who could potentially cover it today!

Wedding Dress
Traditionally the brides family would pay for the wedding dress and the rest of the bridal attire. That said, the situation is different today and really just depends on the couple. We had a bride DM us on Instagram asking what to do because her mother in law had offered to pay for the wedding dress. Now get this, the bride didn’t want to take her up on the offer because she had a pricer dress in mind! This is just an example of how the dynamics of the wedding dress purchase have changed!

Wedding Ring
This is one aspect of the wedding that is usually set in stone – etiquette is that the groom will pay for the engagement ring and subsequently, the wedding bands as well. This can also vary but ultimately, it usually falls on the grooms lap.

Wedding Stationary
Again, another expense the brides family would normally cover. Today, the couple will split this expense unless a relative offers to cover the cost.

Rehearsal Dinner
Traditionally and even today, the grooms family will normally cover the rehearsal dinner costs from food, to venue, to decor and even invites. Of course, this can also depend on the situation!

Floral and Decor
Flowers and decor would have normally been the bride and her family’s expense but now this is another vendor that the couple will normally split. The brides bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres can be covered by the grooms family as they normally will offer to cost this cost.

Photographer / Videographer
This expense largely and most commonly is paid for by the couple themselves! Unless of course, a relative offers!

Wedding Planner / Coordinator 
Most couples include this cost as their own expense as there are no firm traditions on who pays for a planner or coordinator.

Pre-Wedding Parties
The bridal shower and bachelorette will normally be covered by whoever is hosting it. Normally the bridal party or close friends/family of the bride will take on these two costs. Don’t be surprised however if your in-laws offer to pay for the bridal shower. This is a common gesture too 🙂

Now that we know that couples are paying for majority of their own wedding costs – that means couples also want to save money and stay on budget! We have something coming for you brides and grooms that will help you save money on your favourite vendors as well as stay on budget! Stay tuned!

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