Should We Take Our Honeymoon Right After The Wedding?

Hi Brides!! Britt here and today I will be talking about when you should go on your honeymoon!

Honeymoons are meant to be relaxing and relationship building for a married couple. It’s tradition for a married couple to leave for their honeymoon the night of or morning after their wedding. But there has been a new trend recently where people wait a day or even months before celebrating their honeymoon. There are pros and cons to each, but you need to pick the decision that works best for you and your significant other!

We are going to break down the options you have in terms of when to go on your honeymoon as well as the pros and cons of each. This should help you to help you choose when to go on your first trip as husband and wife!

The Night of or Morning After

It’s typical of a married couple to leave almost immediately after their wedding night for their honeymoon. This choice allows a couple to transition right into their alone time and begin transitioning with the excitement. Experts say spending time with your significant other right after your wedding is a great way to transition into your marriage.

This can also mean feeling rushed or stressed with remembering details for your wedding and honeymoon at the same time. You will need to have transportation and suitcases packed to leave immediately after your wedding or the morning after.

A Day or Few Days After

This choice has become the more popular way of leaving for your honeymoon. A couple will feel exhausted after their wedding, and having a day or two to relax can make a huge change in their honeymoon mood. You won’t feel as rushed or tired between your wedding and honeymoon. You can pack the day after your wedding instead of before your wedding, you can see guests one last time who can be traveling out of town, and you can reassure everything is safely in place from your wedding.

Brunch the day after have become a popular trend as well, and leaving a few days after your wedding can allow you to spend time with guests and family before leaving. Relax those tired dancing feet, check your suitcase one last time, and relieve the memories from your wedding night.

Months or Year After

As most of you know, weddings are EXPENSIVE. If a couple is paying for their entire wedding, planning and paying for a honeymoon could be out of the budget or schedule. Choosing to wait months after your wedding to take your honeymoon, a couple can save up for their dream honeymoon and have more time saved up to take off.

Also, to keep in mind a wedding could be during conflicting months for a couple’s preferred honeymoon destination. For example, if you’re getting married in June but want a snowy, mountain destination it could be hard for you to honeymoon during this time of the year.

Some say waiting too long after your wedding can lessen the excitement, but if you need to hold off, then do so! This can give you time to write those thank you cards, save up money, and fully prepare for you honeymoon.

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