4 Reasons Couples Take a Break From Their Relationships

A heart is not something to be played with. A heart must be cherished and valued. Lets start there.

Taking a break from a relationship should be the very last, last option. Taking a break should not be a habitual practise but only in the worst and serious circumstances. One break in a relationship is more than enough because…. a heart is not something to be played with!

Not everyone believes in a break or emotionally can handle a break so it is not guaranteed that your partner will accept a break even if you have a valid reason. To some, a break is basically taking someone for granted and treating them like an option.

What are the reasons that a relationship break is OK?

Here are our top four!


Your health comes first. Mental health is health! If you are about to start intense therapy, retreat or a recovery program, it may be vital to focus on yourself and let your health be your only priority.


The loss of a very close loved one can feel like your whole world went upside down. It is emotionally challenging and demanding. You may be unable to give emotionally to others or feel like yourself. If so, taking a break to focus on your healing is a valid reason especially if you want to make drastic life changes that does not include your partner.


You are better off taking a break than continuing with the uncertainty of your commitment. Let your partner know beforehand so you do not permanently damage any chances of being with them in the future. The break should not be a cheating pass but space and time to reflect if you’re able or want to re-commit to them.


Sometimes a couple just needs a break to clear their minds and re group to resolve a deeper issue. Being around each other and fighting could make things worse. There is nothing wrong with taking a break if you think it will do more good than harm, just make sure that you are both aware it is a break to make things better and that you are both still to stay committed throughout it.

Author bio:
Laila Re is a self-published poet and writer based in Toronto. She specializes in writing for The Wedding Pic’s relationship column.

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