What You Need to Know About Bridal Shape Wear and Undergarments

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Hey Bride Babes! Real life bride, Britt Bledsoe, here to help you with deciding what type of shapewear is best for you and your wedding dress! With certain wedding dresses and gowns, shapewear might be needed for a bride. As a bride, you want to look your very best on your wedding day, and sometimes shapewear is needed to help a bride feel more confident. Shapewear is designed to create a smooth body shape in your wedding dress, and not alternate your dress size and body shape because you are beautiful the way you are made! For example, my wedding dress is a fit and flare style dress, and I plan to wear a simple undergarment made by Spanx to make sure my torso is flattering in my dress.

Shapewear is designed to make a bride feel comfortable, confident and secure in her dress. Most brides choose to wear some form of shapewear with their wedding dress whether it’s a corset, bodysuit, or boy shorts. We want to help you find the best shapewear for your wedding dress and give you information on wedding dress shapewear!

Wearing an Extra Bra with Your Wedding Dress  

If you decide to wear a bra in your wedding dress, the color needs to match the gown not your skin color. You don’t want a bra visibly different from your dress to play peek a boo all night. If you choose to wear a bra the same color as your dress makes it less noticeable if your bra shows. Secondly, you may want to test the bra out for a day to see the comfortable level so on your wedding day and night you aren’t fidgeting with it. Lastly, you can always ask your tailor to add extra cups in your bra area to create more support. Some shapewear includes a bra as well like full bodysuits.

Shapewear Depends on the Style and Fabric Of Your Dress

Some fabrics are more forgiving than others, and other fabrics are lightweight and sheer which tend to show more. If you are not comfortable with wearing anytime of shapewear, ball gowns are the best styles for avoiding any shapewear. You can wear a waist targeted shapewear but you won’t have the need for a full body suit. As for dresses that are more snug and include fabrics such as silk or crepe, you will need to find a shapewear best for your dress.

If you are wear a clingy, silk dress, it’s best for you to find high waist shapewear to create a smooth look. You may want to find shapewear that has boy shorts to avoid any panty lines showing.  Avoid shapewear with thick seams or boning in the front because this can show through easily with a silk and tight fighting dresses.

For A- Line dresses, a slip can be beneficial and easy to wear. Mermaid and fit and flare dresses are the dresses which need shapewear the most. Thong shapewear is also available to help avoid panty lines. Opposite of your bra, your shapewear should be a nude/personal skin tone color.

Buy Shapewear at the Right Time

The best time to buy your shapewear is after your first fitting. You do not want to buy shapewear when your buy your dress because your weight may change. Also, you need to see how your dress looks on you and what areas you want shapewear to focus on. You also don’t need to wait until the day of your wedding to look for shapewear at a local department store.  It’s important to research shapewear brands because if you run into a local store for a quick shop, you could be purchasing poorly made shapewear.  Take your shapewear with you for your fittings to envision the entire look and to decide if the shapewear works best for you.

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