What Is a Junior Bridesmaid and Do I Need to Have One?

So you have a niece who isn’t quite young enough to be a flower girl but still not old enough to be a bridesmaid. Now you really want her to be a part of the wedding party so what do you do? You make her a Junior Bridesmaid.

A junior bridesmaid is essentially the perfect balance between a flower girl and a bridesmaid. She is between the ages of 9 – 15 and will walk down the aisle like a bridesmaid except, a more age appropriate gown is normally chosen for her.

Unlike a flower girl, the junior bridesmaid will not be throwing petals down the aisle and will not be wearing a typical white flower girl gown. She will be matching in colour, at least, to the bridesmaids. You can also assign wedding planning responsibilities to a junior bridesmaid such as shopping for your wedding dress, helping out with the bridal shower and day of duties.

A junior bridesmaid will normally not be involved in the bachelorette party for obvious reasons (she is underage!) so keep her a part of the age appropriate festivities only!

A junior bridesmaid is not a wedding party requirement and you may have never actually seen a wedding party that has one in them. That is because brides really only include a junior bridesmaid when they have a relative or close friend who is too young to be an official bridesmaid.

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