What Do I Do if My Vendor is Not Responding To My Emails?

Hi Bride Babes! Unfortunately, some negative experiences may happen while you’re planning a wedding. For example, what to do if a vendor does not respond to you! This blog will help you decide your next step.

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Wait to Give Deposits

A personal story of mine is I met with a local florist for my wedding, and my mother and I met with the owner to discuss a budget and vision I had for my wedding day. We did not want to give a deposit before seeing an estimate on our services. The owner took notes and told me she would send an estimate within the week. Well…two weeks go by and I decide to call and email the store. I left a message because she was “too busy” to talk, and I was told she would call me back. Another week goes by….nothing. Immediately, my mother and I did not have a good impression, and we were thankful we chose to wait on giving a deposit. I called the store again and was told “she will be sending the estimate to you shortly.” I get my estimate and it was WAY over my budget. I responded politely to the owner pointing out she had not followed our desired budget. She said “Okay let me fix it and I’ll send it back within a week.” NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN.

So lesson from this story is always MEET in PERSON with a vendor before you write a check or swipe a card. Deposits can be expensive and non-refundable. Use your gut and reviews from others before securing any vendor down for your wedding. Now, if you have a vendor you’ve secured and they are not engaging or responding to you these are the steps you can take next!

Stay Calm! And Plan On

Do not panic at first. Vendors are extremely busy and some are a one-person business. It might be in the middle of wedding season, and this vendor has minimal time to answer emails or calls. It’s unrealistic to
expect every vendor to respond to you within a 24-hour span. Especially if it’s early in the wedding planning process, give them some wiggle room.

Send a Second Reply

If a few more weeks go by and still no response, you can follow up with another email/call/both. There’s a difference between assertive and aggressive. You need to be assertive in this situation because coming off rude can do more damage. Let the vendor know you are empathic with their busy schedule but also how important your question needs to be answered. If you send too many emails, this may be a huge turnoff for vendors. Be polite but straight to the point. You are playing this person money, probably really good money, and your time needs to be respected.

Give an Ultimatum

If your vendor is frankly ignoring you, then the final step should be an ultimatum. You do have to keep in mind and maybe read through your contact on cancellation policies though. Again, you do not need to
be rude but let the vendor know you were looking forward to hearing from and working with them but their lack of communication has made you feel unsure and uneasy on their commitment to your big day. You can add if you don’t hear from them by the end of the week you will terminate their services and search for another vendor.


Britt Bledsoe is a contributing writer and real bride who is planning her very own perfect wedding in Georgia, USA. She joins us at theweddingpic.com to share her personal planning experience and regularly creates stylish content for @theweddingpic on Instagram.

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