Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Now you have sent your save the dates, sent your invitations and actually had the most amazing wedding day of your dreams – right? Right. So now what? You are likely waiting on your wedding photos, video, and now to send out those thank you cards to thank all of your guests for taking part in such a special moment with the two of you.

There are a few things to consider when sending out your thank you cards such as, when to send them out, what they should actually say inside, who they should be addressed to and so forth. The questions are real and so are our answers. Scroll down for everything you need to know about thank you cards and sending them out. By the end of the blog you will be a thank you card subject matter expect!

When do I send out thank you cards?

We are living in a day and age of instant communication so sending a thank you card any later than 3 months after the wedding is too late and will call for a more lengthy thank you card. My suggestion is to sit down with your new hubby as soon as you get back from your honeymoon, pop a bottle of wine and start on those cards. The sooner you get them out the less you have to write. The reason a longer wait time calls for a longer written thank you card is because you are now tasked with convincing the guest that you truly are thankful for them and their gift. It just doesn’t come off as eloquent as it does when sending it sooner. Aim for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 3 months to get those cards out!

Can I just have thank you cards at each place setting at the reception?

Although we are all for breaking with tradition, this is just not how a thank you card works so it won’t be the correct etiquette. That said, you can always opt to go this way to avoid the whole mailing out the cards fiasco that happens after the wedding. Also keep in mind that you won’t be able to write personal notes to each guest thanking them for their individual gift and contribution to the day since you are writing the cards in advance. If you can wait until after the wedding, I’d wait.

What does my thank you card have to say?

It has to say thank you and you should definitely stick to a template. Once your template is created then just fill in the blanks based on the person and the gift they gave you to add a little personal touch. I would start each note with a line or two thanking the guest for either coming to your wedding or for sending a gift. You can also add a line to explain either how you plan to put that gift to use (if it is a boxed gift) or how grateful you are for the gift they gave you (usually for cash gifts). After that, wish them well by either mentioning when you look forward to seeing them again or just letting them know you hope to celebrate another great occasion with them soon.

How much should I spend on thank you cards?

The cost depends on where you decide to get your thank you cards. If you purchase them from a big box retailer such as Target or Wal Mart then you are looking at an average of $15 – $20 for 100 cards. It can be quite affordable! Now, if you want to go custom and go with a stationary designer – then you will likely pay a certain fee per card which ultimately depends on the vendor you go with.

Should my thank you cards match my wedding stationary?

You don’t have to and its not required at all but you definitely could. While you create your save-the-dates and invites you can ask your stationary designer if they can create a thank you card for the set as well. This way they will be cohesive with the wedding theme and a sweet reminder to guests of the wedding details after the fact! A lot of couples opt for the big box retailers though and this is totally fine.

Do I send thank you cards to my wedding vendors?

You don’t absolutely have to but it is a nice gesture to thank your vendors with a card. Anytime a vendor receives a thank you card they share it on their social media outlets because it really means a lot to know that the couple is thankful and appreciative of the work and effort they put in. I would suggest to do this but again, it is not required :).


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