How To Deal With Wedding Guests Who RSVP an Uninvited Plus-One

Photo by Vue Photography

So you sent out your wedding invitations and clearly wrote the names of those invited. You didn’t make any errors and you know this so you are expecting a perfect and exact number of RSVPs. As great as that sounds, that’s not how it always turns out.

You just received an invite from a guest, Sarah Miller, and although her name was the only name on the invite, she seems to have added her boyfriends name to the RSVP. Now what? You have 3 options on how to deal and we have listed them below:

Option A – Let it Go and Let Them Bring the Plus-One. If this is the only person who has RSVP’d an uninvited plus-one and you feel comfortable with them doing that – then you can let it go. Perhaps they are a friend who doesn’t know anyone else at the wedding and wanted to bring a guest along or perhaps its a close relative that felt their partner should have been invited. Either way, you can choose to let it go. That said, don’t let people push you around, make it clear to them that you were happy to invite them and that you are happy to extend the invite to their plus-one since they have RSVP’d them.

Option B – Be Direct and Tell Them, No. Of course, you have no obligation to extend an invite to someone’s plus-one that you did not invite originally. I would call the guest directly and let them know how happy you are that he/she is able to attend but that unfortunately due to space limitations – you have a cap on your guest list. Let them know that if you extend a plus-one to someone then others might be offended that they did not get one. This is basic wedding guest etiquette so there should be no back and forth!

Option C – Re-consider Your Rule. Perhaps you did not let anyone invite any plus-ones and now feel that it may have been harsh. If you want to re-consider then you can do that – keep in mind that this means you have to extend a plus-one invite to the others even though the invites have been sent out. Logistically this could be a bit complicated. But it’s an option.

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