Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys Who Need The Basics

It looks like you are going to be winning this Valentine’s day for best wife/fiancee/girlfriend ever because this (unsponsored might I add) gift guide will help you get the perfect present for your perfect man. When it comes to getting a guy there are some rules and the first one being, you want to make sure you are taking into consideration the TYPE of guy that he is. Is he an athletic guy? A gamer? A romantic? These can all help you decide on what kinds of gifts he will love. Below we have 5 gifts for him that we know ANY type of guy will actually like and use regularly.

Scroll down babes, we got you.

Headphones. How can you go wrong with this – every guy I know listens to music, watching clips, and uses their phone pretty much all the time to listen to something. Grab them a pair of cool headphones that they can wear any where, anytime (except when he’s with you, of course 😉 ).

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Leather Wallet. Something he uses every single day and likely has not changed in a while. If you notice your man is using an old wallet or one that has no style – shop a stylish leather wallet for him. With a leather wallet you can go high end or budget friendly because the options are endless.

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Portable Power Bank. This is a gift that does no wrong. Your man can keep his power bank in his car, jacket pocket, office, and pretty much take it anywhere he might need it. This is one helk of a useful gift that he will love.

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A Watch. Most guys like to collect stylish watches – even those guys who don’t really care for fashion or fancy clothes. A good watch is all a guy needs to feel his best sometimes so consider grabbing him one for Valentine’s day. The best part about this gift is that there are so many styles that are perfect for any type of guy.

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Subscription to Audible. If your man loves to read and listen to audio books then this gift is a huge winner. Some folks love to read but don’t have time so a subscription to an audio book host will allow them to listen to books on the go. This is a totally 2019 gift and we’re telling you, it is a winner.

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