Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies and Why You Should Do It Too

There used to be a time when wedding ceremonies were naturally, unplugged. That is because not too long ago, phones were not such a common commodity as they are today. Photographers had all the space they needed to get their perfect shot without worrying about a big obnoxious hand infront of their lens! The good old days!

Now we have discussed unplugged ceremonies many times on @theweddingpic Instagram daily questions and answers. When you have an unplugged ceremony, you not only do your photographer a favour by allowing them to do the sole capturing of images but you are also giving your guests the chance to be present. There are endless pros to having an unplugged wedding ceremony:

  • Your guests will be present and not focused on their phones
  • Your photographer will have shots that don’t show all of your guests holding phones to their faces
  • You will actually see your guests facial expressions in the recessional and processional photos
  • You will get your perfect shot walking in and out of the ceremony without worrying about someones phone being in the way!

The pros definitely outway the cons. But as with all things, there are cons to having unplugged ceremonies:

  • If you have a wedding hashtag – there won’t be any ceremony photos in the hashtag
  • If you are a blogger or influencer – you won’t have many social media posts and tags of you and your wedding ceremony since no one will have their phone out during it
  • Your guests may not like the fact that they have to unplug during the ceremony

Basically, if you want to have a very social media savvy wedding and Instagram event – then unplugging your guests during the ceremony is not the way to do that. However, having an unplugged ceremony does not mean you have to have an unplugged reception. You can still get all the uses out of your wedding hashtag and get tons of wedding day photos that don’t include the ceremony!

I say, talk about it with your fiancee. Think about the pros and cons and decide on which works best for you. Remember though, for an unplugged ceremony you need to have a clear Unplugged Ceremony Sign that indicates this in writing! If you have a wedding website, indicate it there too. <3

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