Creating a Unique Wedding Vision and Theme

While DIY sounds great in the beginning, as the timetable gets tighter, the professionals are there to advise you. Coming up with a theme or colour palette for your wedding can be overwhelming but there are ways to create a vision with the help of industry experts.

Today we are chatting with Neela Asaadi of Asaadi Graphics. A boutique design firm that specializes in creating a cohesive vision and brand for your wedding. Depending on how much or little time you have spent thinking about your Big Day, Asaadi Graphics ensures that your needs and wants are met within your timeline.

Asaadi Graphics provides a complete À La Carte service, tailored completed to each couple and their unique wedding vision. They create wedding content for you that, from the moment of engagement, you can share online and at your pre-wedding events to give guests a taste of what to expect at the wedding.

Below is an example of a “Wedding Mood Board” created by the team at Asaadi Graphics for a couple:

Everything leading up to the big day can be curated by Asaadi Graphics:

  • Your save the date is the first impression to communicate with guests.
  • Your website grants the opportunity to be creative and share all necessary details and information.
  • The invitation set will set the stage.
  • Other events like the shower, weekend bachelor(ette) parties will include elements i.e. games and swag all of which can be “on brand.”
  • Guests will be enter their hotel rooms for their weekend stay and will be greeted with welcome bags and a note from the couple.
  • These are just a few of branding milestones that take place during the process.

Having a professional create your wedding brand and theme with you will pull together all of the pieces of creating the visual narrative of your love story during your wedding journey. 

And don’t forget, when hiring any wedding professional read as many reviews online as you can!

Contact Asaadi Graphics to find out more about how you can have a custom wedding brand designed based on your love story!

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