Tips for Booking Hair and Makeup For a Destination Wedding

When choosing vendors, it can be challenging enough as you searching through tons of local vendors and trying to find the right fit for you. Now imagine that except, in a totally exotic place where you aren’t familiar with the local vendors and local wedding trends – tough huh? Doesn’t have to be. We are sharing 7 tips to help you when booking your wedding hair and make up services for your destination wedding.

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Photo by Elizabeth Medina

  • Try to use the venues spa and MUAH services. If you book a hotel and resort for your wedding then they likely have a salon that offers in-house hair and make up services with professional service providers. Do some research on the in-house spa and see if you can take advantage of it. This will be super easy for you and you won’t have to worry about any last minute MUAH flaking on the wedding day.
  • Ask for referrals from your wedding planner. That’s what your planner is there for! They likely have relationships with vendors across the globe or atleast know of many vendors across countries. Get their feedback and recommendations – chances are they know your style and will guide you the right way.
  • Go natural with the looks you choose. Getting married on a beach or exotic location usually calls for a more natural make up and hair look – try to stick to that theme. This way you are not taking big risks with dramatic make up. Less can go wrong with a natural look.
  • If hiring someone who is local to the destination location, try to arrive a few days early for trials. You might want to do a trial session before the wedding day – actually, you do want to do a trial session before the wedding day. If you are getting married in Mexico and are hiring a MUAH that is based there, it is best to arrive a few days early and schedule a trial. You want to avoid being surprised on the big day with any look that you are not happy with.
  • Do some treatments before you head to your destination, spa day for the skin and a small trim or blow dry. Don’t just go to your destination wedding like it is nothing! Get your skin treated at the spa and a fresh trim done before heading over to the destination. This will gave your hair and make up artists a good canvas to work with!
  • Hire a make up and hair artist that you are familiar with and fly them to your destination. This option is a bit costly as you are not only paying for the service but also the travel and accommodations of the vendor. That said, it is well worth it if you are super particular on how you want your make up and hair done – you can do your trials at home and be certain that you will have the same look on your wedding day. Some vendors literally offer free services if their travel and accommodation is covered – they do this when it is a destination they personally really want to visit. Talk to the MUAH and see where they stand.
  • Take a lot of sunscreen especially if you will be lounging on the beach the days before the wedding day. You don’t want to burn or over tan before the wedding day, be generous on the sunscreen so your make up artist isn’t surprised by the sudden change of skin tone!

Photo by Elizabeth Medina

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