This Is What Happens When Couples Stop Having Sex

Image by Taylor and Porter

Every relationship is different in so many ways and that applies to a couples sex life too. Relationships normally start hot and heavy for every couple and that makes it totally legitimate to wonder why your relationship may now involve less sex than others.

If you have noticed a drop in the amount that you and your partner have sex and it is taking a toll on your relationship then it’s time for the two of you to change things up. Couples that don’t have regular sex argue more, bottle up more resentment towards each other and are generally less happy than couples who have healthy sex lives.

It is important to talk to your partner about the lack of sex in the relationship and to make time for more intimacy. Sex is related to decreased stress, more happiness and stronger paper writings relationships. Don’t deprive yourselves of the amazing benefits of regular sex with your partner.

Now some couples are just not making time for sex or are tired because they may be over worked or have recently had children. However if your sex life is a result of not being attracted to your partner, then that is when you need to reevaluate your relationship. Being sexually and romantically attracted to your partner is essential if you want to have a long lasting and healthy relationship.

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