6 Things to Avoid the Days Before Your Wedding

So you are almost at the finish line of wedding planning and everything has been going good so far, right? Right. It’s not over just yet, there is a lot to do the weeks before your wedding but keep in mind that there are a lot of things you should AVOID doing before the wedding.

We have rounded up the 6 things to avoid in the week (or even weeks before your big day!

  1. Alcohol
    With so many pre-wedding events such as the bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding rehearsal and other celebrations – this one may sound tough. That said, avoiding alcohol or too much of it the week or even weeks before your wedding is important. It weakens your digestive system, could cause puffiness and bloating, it can also cause redness in the skin for some. Let’s just say, it doesn’t make you feel your best so we encourage you to avoid too much of it before the big day!

    Not to mention hang overs! Drinking the night before the wedding is a big no no. You want to FEEL your best on the wedding day from start to finish. Save the drinks for the day of!
  2. Colouring Your Hair
    This one might sound like a no brainer but it’s not. Plenty of brides save the colouring of their hair right to the last week or weeks because they want the colour to be at its most strongest. This is not a great idea. We suggest that if you will be dying your hair, that you do it at least a month in advance. Talk to your colourist in detail about the best time to colour your hair.
  3. Hair Cuts
    Sometimes a hair cut can go totally wrong, right? Right. Let’s not get ourselves in a situation where we totally hate our hair cut. You also don’t want to risk your hair cut not working with the hair style you had originally planned. Just like your hair colour, I wouldn’t suggest cutting your hair the weeks before the wedding.
  4. Skin Care Products You Haven’t Tried Before
    Everyones skin is different and reacts differently to products. That means that any given skin care product can trigger a break out, redness, spotting or anything of the sort. You don’t want to risk this before the wedding day. Dr. Linda of One Clinic advises brides to see a dermatologist at least 6 months before the wedding to get comfortable with a bridal skin care regimen.
  5. All-Nighters
    You want to have that bridal glow! Get all the rest you need before the wedding to make sure your skin is refreshed and you feel well rested. Pulling all-nighters can lead to darker circles around the eyes!
  6. Over-thinking
    I don’t blame you! You are worrying about the day going perfect and it may lead to over-thinking every scenario. Remind yourself that you have a strong vendor team and you have organized and planned as best you can. You cannot control every aspect of the day and no wedding is perfect so enjoy it as it goes along! If you have a wedding coordinator for the day of, then you are definitely in good hands :).

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