The Cast of My Best Friend’s Wedding Just Reunited After 22 Years

So the cast of My Best Friend’s Wedding reunited after 22 years and we. are. crying.

Photo by Entertainment Weekly

If you are a sucker for romantic comedies then you have watched My Best Friends Wedding. This iconic rom-com debuted in 1997 and the world of weddings and romantic films has never been the same.

22 years later, Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast and rom-com lovers have never been so happy to see Julia Roberts (Julianne), Cameron Diaz (Kimmy), Rupert Everett (George) and Dermot Mulroney (Michael) back together again.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding is the story of Julianne and Michael, two best friends who make a pact that if neither of them are married by the age of 28, they will marry each other.

Unfortunately for Julianne, Michael gets engaged causing her to have a slight breakdown and try and convince him that she is actually the one he should be marrying.


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