The Cash Gift Registry Every Couple Should Have

In September, we announced an exciting partnership with Honeyfund, the worlds #1 cash gift wedding registry!

When planning your wedding and spending tens of thousands of dollars (for some couples that number is in the hundreds of thousands!) the last thing you want to do is worry about your honeymoon costing you thousands. With Wedding Price Card x Honeyfund – you can now create a registry that takes one expense off of your list, the honeymoon.

The Wedding Price Card mission is to bring real savings to couples who are planning their wedding and we knew that Honeyfund would be the perfect partner for our mission. Newlyweds can opt to have a cash registry on as an alternative to the traditional gift registry! Couples then use the cash gifts to fund their dream honeymoon or really, anything of their choice.

To create a Honeyfund cash gift registry, click here and begin planning your honeymoon in the best way! Creating a Honeyfund registry is free and you can always upgrade your registry by joining the Honeyfund Elite. And guess what, you can save 50% off of your upgraded registry here.

After having tons of brides ask us what the best alternatives are to traditional wedding registries – we knew we had to connect them to a valuable solution. Why spend hours registering for gifts when you can receive the cash and shop on your time and based on your specific needs? Register with Honeyfund today and tell us about your experience!

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