The 10 Best Places to Have Sex

Photo by Emily Steve Photography

We all could use some tips on making sex even more exciting.

From the most wild places to the most romantic places, we have rounded up 10 of the best places to have sex with your partner. This post is for any couple looking to spice up their sex life and do something different, somewhere different.

Your Kitchen. 
A romantic couples date night can turn into a passionate night of intimacy in the kitchen. You can go at it on the kitchen counter and use whatever you have in the fridge it make it even more sexy, strawberries and whipped cream much?

Your Car.
Take it back to those young and wild days where making out and getting dirty in the backseat of the car was a regular thing. Nothing will heat things up more than sitting atop your man in a tight spot that you already have so many wild memories in.

The Shower.
You can’t deny how hot it is to have shower sex so we really don’t need to back this one up too much. Just try it and you’ll be glad you did.

The Beach late at night.
Of course, don’t get caught and make sure it is not going to get you in trouble! That said, there isn’t a drink called “sex on the beach” for no reason.

The Wilderness late at night.
There is something about being in the wilderness that makes you just want to strip it all off and bring out your wild side.

Your Laundry Room.
Turn on the dryer, hop on it, and you will have some vibrations and movement added to the wild things you do together.

The Couch.
A movie night turned sex on the couch is always a good idea with bae. The privacy is there and you can get in as many creative sexual positions as you would like. Sex on the couch is definitely a couples favourite.

At Your Office.
If you have your own office or work for yourself – invite BAE over on a late work night and release some of that steam on top of your desk, on your chair, even against the wall. Office sex will blow your mind.

You will be under the stars, have perfect privacy, be in the outdoors, and also feel like you are on the wild side. You can’t go wrong with romantic rooftop sex.

Your Jacuzzi or Bathtub.
This one can work in a pool, jacuzzi, bathtub, lake, pretty much anywhere that you can soak your bodies in water and hold each other close. Grab a bottle of wine and make a hot date out of it.

Photo by Emily Steve Photography

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