What If I Get Sick on My Wedding Day?

A bride can prepare and plan for months (sometimes even years) in advance but sometimes unexpected life events happen. Catching a cold or getting sick ahead of the wedding day is not common but it happens. As a bride, this is a big fear, I mean, you want to look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day and do the most to make sure this happens. Of course, being sick can impede on your ability to feel good on the wedding day but there are ways to handle it in a calm and effective way to make the best out of a wedding day sickness.

Don’t worry babe, we got you.

Stay Hydrated and Fuelled Up

Water and food are so important for health and recovery for any bride. Do not skip meals even if you’re starting to feel the jitters. Water and nutritious food will help your body recover and regain energy to be able to navigate through the day. Don’t drink tons of alcohol on your wedding day to avoid symptoms. This could be counter productive and worsening symptoms!

Cold and Flus – Don’t forget that Chicken noodle soup can be used for cold/fevers/flus as well as vitamin C! Doctors also suggest bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast as the best natural remedies for cold and flu symptoms. Keep hydrated on tons of ginger and peppermint tea too.

Hangover – If you had a little too much to drink the night before at the rehearsal dinner and are feeling the hang over symptoms, you need to drink a lot of water and eat things high in water content like melons. Take some ibuprofen and use remedies for upset stomachs if needed!

Get Plenty of Sleep

This can be hard, especially because of the butterflies you may be feeling before the wedding! Rest and sleep as much as you can if you’re not feeling well. The long days that lead up to the wedding can tire you easily, so if you get a chance to sit on the couch or go to bed early the nights before your wedding night, then I would do just that.

Include Remedies in Your Emergency Kit

We have a blog on everything you need to have in your Wedding Day Emergency Kits so go read it! You can include zit cream for those annoying pimples, allergy medicines (nothing drowsy) to help with bug bites or seasonal allergies, gas/TUMS pills, Ibuprofen, Pepto for stomach problems, etc. Zofran works great for upset stomachs and throwing up. You may need to add to your kit if an unexpected sickness comes up. Such as cough drops for a sore throat, eye drops, etc. Add as you need and make sure you are well prepared.

Your wedding planner might have their own emergency kit with items that you will need for the wedding day. That said, having your own personalized one is super important so do not skip on the emergency kit!

Let your Makeup Artist Help

What if I get a bug bite in the center of my chest or I have a huge pimple? Of course you can use ice on the pimples or bites to reduce the redness or swelling. You can also treat them with creams. That said, you need to let your bridal makeup artist help with concealing these spots! This is your MUA’s specialty so he or she can help cover those stubborn red spots if needed!

Talk to Your Doctor

Go to the doctor if you need a prescription or serious treatment. They can call in some medicine/antibiotics if needed. Your doctor can give you direct medical advice that could be key to recovery in the short and long term. Safety is first priority, so if you have a life threatening incident please go to the ER.

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