Is It Strange If I Propose to My Boyfriend?

We recently asked our brides what their thoughts are on women proposing to men. Basically, is it outdated to be waiting for a man to ask for your hand in marriage when you are just as capable of asking the question to him?

The responses were mixed and we were shocked (but excited) about how many women were not only comfortable with the idea but had proposed to their man themselves. Below we are sharing some of our favourite responses we received as well as the male perspective on women proposing!

Photo by Janelle Sutton

“I proposed to by boyfriend after 7 years of dating. I was tired of dating and knew what I wanted. He immediately got down on one knee when he realized what I was doing. It was the best decision I made to take it into my own hands.”

“A proposal is one of the rare times a man has the opportunity to really go above and beyond to impress you and convince you that he’s worth it. I wouldn’t want to take that into my own hands. He should work for it…”

“I regret it. I proposed to my boyfriend and his response while I was proposing was “not right now it’s not the right timing”. I was so hurt and we are still together after that. Not engaged”

Now, these were the three responses we received that really stood out. Each of these women had different opinions on the idea but ultimately, most of the women who responded were comfortable with the idea.

If you want to propose, do it. I only suggest you do it if you are comfortable with actually executing the proposal yourself and then knowing in your future together that you initiated the engagement. If you are going to be happy with that choice – then go for it girl and tell us how it went!!

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