Who Actually Needs a Plus-One, and Who Doesn’t?

Going through your wedding guest list can be tricky. You suddenly have to go through everyone you know and decide who is close enough to celebrate your wedding day with you – and who isn’t. Now navigating your wedding guest list and social circle is challenging enough but have you considered plus-ones? Some guests will expect a plus-one to be invited with them while some normally will not expect this.

As the bride and groom you don’t want to upset your guests but you also want to be realistic. To help you navigate through the “plus-one” challenge we have put together the ultimate plus-one wedding etiquette guide that tells you, who should and who should not get a Plus-One!

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Who Gets a Plus One?

Anyone Who is Engaged, Lives Together or is Married.
You need to acknowledge the commitment of your guests whether they have chosen to get married or not. If they live together and are not married – they are still in a close knit relationship and the expectation is that their partner will be invited.

Not inviting someone’s fiancee or wife/husband can really upset your guest and their partner so make sure to be thoughtful here. Also, indicate the name of the plus one – do not just leave it in the air for them to bring who ever they want. The rule should be, bring your partner or no one at all :). You don’t want your guest saying their partner couldn’t make it so they are bringing their friend (who you do not know) instead!

Your Wedding Party.
The bridesmaids and groomsmen are wedding day VIPs. They have done a lot to support you through your wedding planning journey and will do a lot on the wedding day itself. The least you can do is thank them by allowing them a plus one of their choice! Especially if they have a significant other. Don’t make them feel pressured to bring a date but let them know that if they have one in mind or if they want to, they definitely can.

An Important Guest to You Who May Not Know Anyone at the Wedding.
If you have a close friend or long distance friend who you will definitely be inviting but he/she doesn’t know anyone else at your wedding – give them a plus one. The last thing you want is to have a guest be bored and lonely on the big day so give them the option to bring a date of their choice. You want the experience to be great for everyone, whether they are in your social circle or not :).

Who Does Not Get a Plus One?

Guests Who are Just Dating Someone.
You aren’t obligated to invite someone who your guest is simply dating. This applied to close family, friends and distance relatives too. If they are not in a long term committed relationship then don’t feel the pressure to invite a plus one. Just indicate the guests name only on the invite and leave it at that.

This is a no brainer but unfortunately with social media and how close you can become with co-workers, the lines get blurred on how close you really are. Coworkers are not entitled to a plus-one and should not think that they are either. Invite your co-worker if you want them there and don’t feel the pressure to give them a plus one. Most folks don’t even invite co-workers these days so you really don’t need to worry on this one – just don’t make a big deal at the office about it!

Single Guests Who Are Sitting With Guests They Might Know
Just because a guest is single and is not familiar with everyone at the wedding – it does not mean they are entitled to a plus one. Seat them with guests who you know they might know or get a long with and leave it at that :).

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