Plum Pretty Sugar is Giving Back This Valentines day

Whether you’re married, single or somewhere in between, Valentine’s Day, or “Galentine’s” Day, is a celebration of love, and we’re all about it. When we heard about our bridal industry friends, Plum Pretty Sugar, and their Valentine’s Day Giveback Program, we knew we had to share the details. Now, you can purchase a beautiful floral robe for your love or yourself and giveback to women in need. A Valentine’s day that gives back.

Here’s the scoop:

To raise awareness and provide support to victims of domestic violence, a cause aligned closely with the personal story of Plum Pretty Sugar’s Founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale, Plum Pretty Sugar will provide one of their popular floral kimono robes (we know them around here as bridesmaid robes or bridal robes) for every order placed between February 1 and February 14, 2019 to women affected by relationship abuse.

They’re supporting their partners, Knock Out Abuse West and Haven Hills Women’s Shelter with the goal to gift as many women in need as possible.

We chatted with Plum Pretty Sugar Founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale about the program:

Q: What inspired you to help women affected by domestic violence and relationship abuse?
A: It’s an issue and a purpose close to my heart and something that I don’t think gets spoken about often or enough. Its’s a closely guarded secret for many women and men that can destruct not just confidence but lives and families. I’d like to bring awareness to domestic violence that we can not just talk about it more freely but help women affected by it.

Q: Why did you decide on the giveback program? One floral robe for every order placed?
A: We’re working on several layers of programming to help abused women in need. The Valentine’s Day giveback just felt right. While giving away a floral robe to a woman in need is not an answer to the problem, it’s a kind way, we hope, to bring perhaps a little bit of happiness and a small joy to women who likely haven’t experienced kindness or value in very a long time.

Q: What does this anti-domestic violence platform mean to Plum Pretty Sugar as a brand in the wedding industry?
A: It’s awareness. Whether you’re engaged, married or not, the wedding business is comprised of many smart and talented women and men who have the ability to share and create awareness for the issue across many platforms and amongst, friends and colleagues. I think its so important we all understand that domestic violence victims come from all ages, all demographic backgrounds and all races and frankly genders, and as a group we learn how to prevent the cycle of abuse for our futures. Additionally, Plum Pretty Sugar was created as a way for me to heal, to focus on something other than my personal pain, as a victim of abuse. It’s a wedding-oriented brand that was borne from the issue.

Q: Tell us more about what you have planned for Plum Pretty Sugar this year?
A: 2019 is our ten year anniversary and we’re super excited about it. Ten years ago the bridesmaid robe, bridal robe and bridesmaid pyjama category didn’t exist and this year we hope to move the dial and the trends forward once again. You’ll also see newness in terms of bridesmaid dresses and floral dress styles including honeymoon dress or maternity dress options for instance. We’re focused on quality and environmental sustainability and a continued leadership of the bridesmaid getting ready category as well as a fresh new perspective of what a bridesmaid dress is and could be.

So babes, be sure to shop your Plum Pretty Sugar bridesmaid dresses, bridal party robes, bride to be robes and bridesmaid pyjamas between Feb 1 and Feb 14!

Here are all the details:

To raise awareness and provide support to victims of domestic violence, a cause aligned closely with the personal story of Founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale. Plum Pretty Sugar is committed to developing a range of programs and practices to assist individuals affected by relationship abuse.

Who They’re Supporting:
Anti-domestic abuse partners, Knock Out Abuse West and Haven Hills Women’s Shelter.
Knock Out Abuse West is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that raises awareness and funds for victims of domestic abuse.
Haven Hills provides safety, shelter, and support to victims of domestic violence while leading efforts to prevent the cycle of abuse for victims and their children.

The Giveback Plan:
For every order placed at, between February 1 and February 14, Plum Pretty Sugar will provide a floral kimono robe to our anti-domestic abuse partners, Knock Out Abuse West/Haven Hills. The goal is to gift as many as possible.
Domestic abuse? Need help? Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Plum Pretty Sugar is a founder and leader in the bridesmaid getting ready category. The brand has since expanded beyond wedding robes, bridesmaid rompers and bridesmaid pjs to include bridesmaid dresses and versatile, beautiful apparel. To learn more about Plum Pretty Sugar’s initiatives, here. To learn more about Plum Pretty Sugar’s female founder, Charlotte Hale here.


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