How To Plan A Successful Bachelorette Party

One of the most exciting festivities of being engaged is the bachelorette party! I know for myself, besides my wedding, I’ve always wanted an epic girls weekend to celebrate my last days of being a single woman. Every bride is different, which means she will have different ideas in mind. Communication and organization are necessary to pull off a great bachelorette party. People may believe planning one is easy, but a person can become overwhelmed if not prepared.

Here are some tips on planning the best bachelorette party for each and every bride to be!

Who is in Charge of the Planning

The Maid/Matron of Honor(s) will be in charge of planning the bachelorette party. This does not mean they have to be the person taking on every task of planning, but they will be the organizer of the planning. The MOH should speak with the bride to determine the expectations of the bachelorette party (location, size, type). Once the MOH has spoken to the bride, she can send out a group text/email to the other bridesmaids or attendees. After sending out an message to the invitees, the MOH can begin to keep in contact with the girls on plans, ideas, and ways others can help her.

When To Start Planning

At the latest, the bachelorette party should be planned and booked four months ahead of the wedding. Especially if you are flying and traveling farther distances, things can begin to book up quickly. You will need to consider if flying or driving is needed, how many girls will be attending to calculate costs per person, the best dates for everyone’s schedule, and other costs included in the trip. You do not want to wait until last minute to plan this party in case of hotels/homes being booked up, flights being expensive, attendees beginning to bail out, or being unable to order party favors. Use time to your advantage and begin sooner than later to plan. If you are headed to a popular city, you will need to book and reserve dinners/excursions in advance as well.

Dates To Have The Party

About a month before the wedding is an average and best time to have the bachelorette party. You don’t want the party to be too close to the wedding because the bride could feel overwhelmed and distracted from enjoying her weekend. Also, spacing out expenses can be helpful for the bridal party as well as making sure everyone is rested up and prepared for the wedding weekend.

Everyone will need to be flexible to planning the date for the bachelorette party, but at the end of the day, this party is important to the bride and you need to make it a priority to be present. This is another reason why planning at least four months in advance is suggested.

Who Is Invited

This is ultimately up the bride who is invited, and it should be fully discussed with the bride. The bridal party is invited, but just because someone isn’t a bridesmaid doesn’t mean they cannot be invited to the bachelorette party. Inviting close friends or family who were unable to be included in the bridal party can be a part of this celebration. Do not invite people who are not invited to the wedding.

Setting a Budget

Just like a wedding, bachelorette parties can easily become expensive. It’s best the MOH speaks with the group about their expectation on expenses. These expenses should include traveling means, food, decorations, excursions, etc. Another reason to begin planning the bachelorette party in advance is to give people time to save up money. The bride is not expected to pay towards any part of the bachelorette party and should be split between the group. Again you need to keep in mind the bride’s expectations. If she is not an adventurous person then I don’t recommend scheduling a dance class just because the attendees think it is fun. Don’t become so overwhelmed with buying party favors

All About the Bride

I cannot stress this enough but just like the wedding the bachelorette party is about the BRIDE. Every person attending should be prepared to do whatever the bride chooses. If she wants to go to the beach instead of the pool, do not complain and choose to stay at the pool by yourself. If she wants to go back to the room at 4 AM, you make sure to be dancing by her side and taking pictures of the night. This trip should be about how she wants to spend it. Don’t be selfish and choose activities you want to do over the bride’s wishes. If you wish to keep most details a surprise for the brides, this is a fun way to keep the weekend exciting or if the bride prefers to help plan then including her is okay as well!

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