The Night Before The Wedding: 7 Things You Need To Do

The night (and nights) before your wedding is very important as it will determine how you feel on your wedding day. From what you eat, drink right down to what you do – it will impact you! Below is everything you need to do before the wedding day to make sure you are feeling 100% while tying the knot!

Photo by Cody and Alison Photography
  1. Drink Lots of Water
    Water is key! It will help clean our your digestive system and bring a glow to your skin if you drink enough consistently. Make sure you have plenty of water on the night and nights before the wedding!
  2. Eat Healthy and fibre filled meals
    Fibre is good for you! It helps with your bowel movements so if you are feeling constipated or a bit heavy before the wedding – this should help get the digestion going.
  3. Avoid your phone
    Try not to look at your phone too much the night before your wedding. At this point everything is done and you need to rest! Don’t over think and worry about messaging reminders and such on the night before – do this the days before or delegate someone to take that on for you. Screen time might just stress you out.
  4. Make Sure You Are Packed For the Day Of
    The pre-wedding packing should have been done weeks before the wedding day but use the last night to do a final check. Make sure everything is packed up and ready to go, from your shoes to your jewellery and all the little details.
  5. Have An Emergency Kit Ready
    Your emergency kit should already be ready but incase it is not – this is the time to make sure you have one set. Bandaids, thread, needle etc. All of these things should be packed up! You can also delegate someone else to be responsible for the emergency kit!
  6. Treat Yourself
    Get a mani and pedi, a massage, or just take a dip in hot tub. This is your night to kick back and relax after months of wedding planning. Don’t use this as a day to run errands!
  7. Tell Your Fiancee You Love Them!
    Don’t forget what the day is all about – the two of you! You might not see your fiancee the day before or you might see them. Either way make sure you let them know you love them and how excited you are for the big day!

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