A New Years Eve Proposal That Will Have You Crying – HAPPY TEARS!

A New Years Eve Proposal That Will Have You Crying – HAPPY TEARS!

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Seeing a proposal on Instagram or anywhere online can make you cry happy tears or get you giddy AF at the thought of it being you at the end of that proposal. Well imagine that feel, on new years eve – its just that much more epic. Ringing in the new year as fiancée to the man of your dreams just seems like the perfect way to do it and this lucky bride-to-be got to experience it first hand.

The Proposal:

John Michael said he wanted to plan a New Years Eve party and invite all our friends and dance until the sun came up. I loved the idea. Dress up in a fancy dress, good friends, great music and really ring in the new year right.

Well, the whole thing fell apart. A lot of friends weren’t able to make it, family had other plans, and I had to work New Years Eve, even though I asked off way in advance.

What I didn’t know was that John Michael had been planning this for 3 months, and had everything right where he wanted it. He talked to all of my friends and family and told them what he was going to do, and asked them to tell me they weren’t able to make it. Over 120 people knew and somehow he managed to keep all of them from telling the big secret. He even coordinated with my boss to make sure I would be working the day of the party and not around to ask questions.

When I finally arrived after hurriedly getting off of work, getting into my dress and grabbing whatever appetizers I had prepared, I rushed into an empty room. I was so confused. A friend of ours escorted me to a table that had a video playing of everyone I knew telling me that “something was getting ready to happen”.

The table was adorned with a bunch of items from our relationship. My cellphone he made fun of when we first met, our first anniversary gift, movie tickets and concert stubs. He even got the lead singer of House Of Heroes (The first band we went to go see together) to be on one of the videos telling me congratulations.

He got down on one knee and told me I would make him the happiest man in the history of the world if I would marry him. I was crying so much and laughing so much, I could barely see.

I said yes, to which he signaled to his friends outside with a walkie talkie.

All of a sudden, fireworks erupted outside, so we opened the doors and stepped out on the balcony. And then I saw them. Everybody. Everybody was there all along. A huge cheer rose up to greet us as my jaw dropped wide open. I thought this was only going to be a few people, instead there was over 100 people there.

All my friends and family came up to the main room and we hugged, celebrated, ate, and danced. Boy oh boy did we dance. We danced hard until about 5 am. I have never been so surprised in all my life, and every day I am amazed that I have some who loves me so much that they did all this for me.

As seen on How He Asked.

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