Makeup and Hair Trials: Do You Really Need One?


One of the most important details of a wedding day is the bride’s hair and makeup. The make up and hair style that you decide to go with will not only determine how you look through the day but also how you feel. It is not a small decision and if you are particular about your make up – this blog is for you.

Now with so many make up artists and hair stylists on Instagram – how do you know which one is legit, which one knows your skin and which one will work for the style you want? You have to do your research and the best way to make a final decision, a make up and hair trial run.

So if you’re trying to decide whether or not to have a makeup and hair trial run…. the answer is YES. Even if you know a trusted wedding vendor for hair or makeup, you still need to have a trial run to make sure they are the right make up artist and hair stylist for YOU.

Before You Book a MUA/Hair Stylist

Some brides choose to have a trial run with a MUA or hair stylist before booking their services, and this is a wise decision, especially if you have not seen their work in person or worked with the person previously. With most MUA and hair stylists, they will require a deposit to secure the day, and if you wait until after booking to have a trial run – you risk losing your deposit if you have a change of heart.

Be mindful that MUA and Hair Stylist will likely charge for a trial run, and you don’t want to schedule multiple trial runs before booking their services. The prices for a trial run are typically cheaper than wedding day price but are still upwards of $55 each session.

One suggestion would be to use your preferred MUA and hair stylist for your engagement pictures or engagement party. This means you get to make use of the make up and hair you get done and you also get to experience what it looks and feels like to work with your MUA and hair stylist.


After You Book a MUA/Hair Stylist

For my wedding, I chose to use my personal hair stylist and a MUA I worked with previously for other events. I trusted them both to deliver high end results, and I completed my trial runs a few months before my wedding. During both trial runs, we discussed my vision, they practiced different looks to determine which one I liked best!

You want to complete your trial runs closer to your wedding day in order to match your most realistic skin tone and hair colour/style!

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