The 5 Maid of Honour Responsibilities Every BFF Needs to Know

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Lead the Bridesmaids By Example
We hear a lot of bridesmaids who complain that the MOH is not taking the lead or is not doing enough. Sometimes these points are valid and sometimes it’s just plain bridesmaids drama. That said, make sure to lead the girls by example. Show them that you are regularly contacting the bride, that you are

Put the Brides Wants and Needs First
Although you are leading on a few things – remember that it is the brides wedding and not yours! 🙂 All of your final decisions should have a run through with the bride first to make sure she is happy with everything. If you are surprising her – that is a different story of course but for all items that she is aware of, the bride needs to be in the loop!

Be Proactive and Attentive
In our weekly Instagram Q&A sessions we regularly hear brides venting about how their bridal party is MIA during wedding planning. This is a big no no! The whole point of the bride choosing the bridal party and MOH is to have her girls by her side throughout the wedding planning and wedding day. Call her on the weekends and ask her how you can help and support her with anything! Some brides don’t like reaching out and assigning tasks so as the MOH find out what the bride needs help with and communicate this with the bridesmaids.

Keep Everyones Personal Budgets in Mind
Now we know that wedding planning is expensive for the bride and groom but it also comes with a hefty price tag for the MOH and bridesmaids. When planning the bachelorette and bridal shower – make sure that you are getting everyones opinions and are aware of how much everyone can afford to spend. If the costs are being split – this is key. You don’t want to pass a bill on to a bridesmaid who was expecting to pay much less. Gather the budgets in advance and plan accordingly!

Plan an Amazing Toast / Speech
Write your speech in advance and make sure to include funny and sweet memories. You want to get those tears rolling so don’t hold back on the emotional stories. The bride chose you because you two have a long past and great times together, so let her hear them and share them with everyone! PS. Make sure not to mention anything that will make her uncomfortable or embaressed!

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