Keeping The Love Alive During Wedding Planning

We all know that wedding planning can become an all-consuming responsibility that takes over almost every part of our lives until it feels like all we think about, talk about and even breathe is the wedding. Like everything else in life, a moderate approach is important, especially if you want to make it to the altar with nothing but positive vibes.  Here are a few ways to stay connected and joyful while you plan your happily ever after!

1. Regular wedding-planning-free date nights are key 

It’s very common for one or both partners to start to feel burned out or simply uninterested in talking about the wedding all the time. Try not to be hurt and recognize that there is still a whole marriage to plan and relationship to maintain. It’s pretty easy to slide wedding planning sessions in place of date night, but boundaries are needed and date night is sacred. Keep a regular night on the calendar and limit wedding planing talk as much as possible!
2. Use your tribe and delegate tasks to them
A normal complaint from brides is that their partners aren’t taking on any wedding tasks. The thing is, not everyone wants to or is good at wedding planning. Like any other project, you have to play to your strengths. This isn’t an excuse for one party to check out of the process entirely, but I’m a huge advocate for delegating to your tribe. Are there tasks that a bridesmaid or groomsman can do just as well as the two of you? Are they willing? Great! Hand that ish off! Too often, we feel like we need to do it all, and that simply isn’t the case. Repeat after me: I do not have to plan this wedding alone. 
3. Maintain your hobbies 
Pinching pennies for a year or two to save as much as possible to plan the wedding is something that most couples do, but be sure to maintain a few of the activities you love to do together. We all still have to live, and cutting back on everything that brings you joy will probably lead to a few arguments since you’ll both be feeling deprived. If it’s not in the budget to maintain your gourmet dinner dates, consider cooking together! It’ll be a fun way to practice for married life and is a great way to reconnect after a long day of work and wedding planning. 
4. If you’re considering getting buff for the wedding, do it together!
The couple that lifts together, stays together! Everyone knows that working out releases happy hormones, and the more happy hormones the better! Carve out a bit of time to be active together, whether it’s a walk or a trip to the gym. It’s also a great way to clear your head and keep your eyes on the prize when the planning gets tough or stressful. Exercise is addictive, so don’t be surprised if you’ve created a healthy habit for life!
5. Continue to shower each other in love using your love languages
How do you communicate your love? Do you write letters, give small gifts or maybe acts of service? Keep that up! Keep appreciating and loving all over each other the way you do it best, all the way to the altar.  Wedding planning isn’t an excuse to stop feeding your bond – if anything, this period of engagement is such a special time, perfect for telling each other all of your hopes and dreams for your married life. 
When I was getting married, my husband and I had quite a few arguments along the way. Eventually we realized that we had to slow down and reconnect because the wedding was becoming the third wheel in our relationship, and it was stressing us both out. Once we recognized that fact, it got much easier to plan with joy and put the planning away from time to time, so we could enjoy each others’ company.  We had to remind ourselves that the wedding was one weekend and our marriage was forever. With that mindset, we were able to relax and keep the romance alive into the wedding and well beyond. 
What are some of the ways that you maintained the romance while planning for your big day? Let us know in the comments!

Author Bio:

Alisha Chadee is the boss lady of Whim Event Planning & Design, specializing in modern, romantic celebrations. She enjoys long walks to the fridge, inhaling calamari and hanging with her ridiculously cute son. This wedding planner and subject matter expert in the wedding industry will be contributing to in our Advice page every Wednesday. Follow @theweddingpic on Instagram to get the updates!


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