How To Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is likely the (or one of the) most valuable pieces of jewellery that you own. It is only natural that you want to and should maintain it to be in it’s best condition on a regular basis. Now, in between professional ring polishes and cleanings there needs to be a way for you to clean your ring yourself. We are here to tell you that there is indeed a way to clean your engagement ring at home and on your own time!

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The best way to clean your engagement ring yourself is to create a solution made up of warm (closer to hot) water and either dish soap or body wash (nothing with moisturizer in it). Dip your ring into the solution and keep it soaking for about 20 – 40 minutes. Once you are done soaking, gently brush the diamond with a clean and soft toothbrush. The final washing step is to rinse the ring under warm water.

Now that you have washed your ring you need to dry it. Avoid paper towel for drying and instead use a soft cotton cloth. You can also air dry it.

Now you are probably wondering how often to clean your engagement ring. You should clean it yourself once a week and have it professionally cleaned about twice a year.

Now that your an at-home-ring-cleaning-pro, get to cleaning that rock! Happy cleaning bride babes!

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