5 Emotional Ways to Honour Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Photo by James Day Weddings

For so many brides and grooms it is important to honour lost loved ones at their wedding.

It’s important because these are family and friends who would have loved to celebrate the day together with you and they want to acknowledge that the presence still exists.

Almost everyday on @theweddingpic’s daily advice series we get asked this same question – how to honour lost loves ones at the wedding? Here are 7 emotional ways to do that, some are more subtle or bold than others so choose the option that works best for you.

  • Save them a seat.

  • Have a table at the front of the reception or ceremony entrance dedicated to their photos.

  • Give a speech about them / a toast in their memory.

Photo by Shutterfly
  • Include their photo in what you wear – cuff links, bouquets, veils etc.

  • Make a donation on their behalf.

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