Hiring a Wedding Videographer – Life in Focus Weddings

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with award wedding videographer Nicholas of Life in Focus Weddings. Nicholas gave us some insight on why hiring a wedding videographer is so important to keeping your wedding day alive but also the importance of choosing a talented and experience videographer to do that job.

During our conversation, Nicholas said the following and it really resonated with us. “I love when couples are looking for an artistic approach to their wedding video. I try to tell a story with my videos instead of just capturing everything from a tripod. Many videographers these days just capture exactly what they see – but there must be a creative and emotional element that the videographer adds to the moment while documenting it. I love movement and a cinematic feel to a wedding video – this is my touch. I want people to relive their wedding day over and over again with my unique eye and feel something new everytime they watch their wedding video, whether its a year later or 50 years later.”

Ultimately, a videographer is just as critical to documenting your day as a wedding photographer is. Many brides will attest to the fact that there is nothing like re-watching a wedding video with the sound and movement that actually happened that day. The videographers creative touch of music, angles, and documenting moments just brings it to another level. We are thankful for amazing wedding videographers like Nicholas of Life in Focus Weddings who keep us in touch with the moments that matter most, whether, in his own words, its one year or 50 years later.

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