How To Travel With and Pack Your Wedding Dress

If you are having a destination wedding and need to fly with your wedding dress – you will want to prepare much in advance for it. I mean, let’s be real, this isn’t just another dress. It likely has cost you a couple grande and is the most important dress you will ever invest in so let’s make sure you protect it from potential mishaps that can happen while travelling. So here are our tips on how to travel with your wedding dress and pack it up in a safe and efficient way.

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1. Talk to Your Airline

It is key to talk to your airline. Every airline and airplane is unique and some might have amazing accommodations for you and your wedding dress and some may have nothing at all but an over head compartment. Although there is no formal way to book space for a wedding dress on a flight – you can still get information about the kind of spaces the airline has on board their planes that could potentially house your dress during the flight.

2. Pack Your Wedding Dress Carefully in a Garment Bag

Packing up a wedding dress in a garment bag is not the easiest task, especially if you have a long train, heavy fabrics, or just a lot of fabric in general. Now, your wedding dress will come tailored and packed up in a garment bag once you have completed your final fitting so you can just take it on board a plane with you as is. That said, if you have taken your dress out of the garment bag, make sure to place it back with care. Important hack: Whenever you zip up a garment bag with delicate fabric inside, make sure to place a finger on the other side of the zipper as you guide it up so that the dress doesn’t get caught in its tongs.

3. Fly First Class or Purchase Priority Boarding

Most airplanes have a front closet (most) so if you get priority boarding – you will likely have a chance at being able to fit your dress in it. Spend that extra few hundred if need be because it will go a long way when you are worry free about how your dress is doing. If you go first class, you will be at the front portion of the plane and this will definitely give you some options on keeping your dress close by and safe. Some first class seats are so large and private that you can fit your dress right there in a hanger with you.

4. Place Your Garment in Overhead Bin

Depending on the size of your wedding dress and the space available – you can lay out your wedding dress flat in the overhead compartment or on the other passengers luggage in the compartment. If that is not an option, you may have to roll it so if you do, roll it beginning with the hanger.

5. Make Sure Your Wedding Gown Fits Your Airline’s Carry-On Requirements

No one wants to end up with their wedding dress being whisked away to checked luggage, where absolutely anything can happen to it (it could get lost, stained, super wrinkled, torn etc). Basically you need to really make sure that your dress fits the airlines carry-on requirements. This is especially important if you have a heavy and large wedding gown! Do not guess on this. Double check the weight and size rules for your airline to avoid a potential disaster at the gate and make sure you know the weight and size of the gown while it’s in the garment bag.

6. Purchase A Plane Ticket for Your Dress

We are not even kidding and to be honest, I wanted to make this the very first option on the list because this is the only option that guarantees your dress an absolute safe spot on the plane (a spot right under your nose too). Don’t feel like this is extra or just crazy, there are brides who literally do buy a seat for their wedding dress to avoid any hassle and to ensure it stays in perfect shape on the flight. So if you have some money to spare or put aside, book a one-way ticket to your wedding destination for your wedding dress. And guess what, the extra ticket comes with an extra carry on space so this can be handy if you have some extra things you cannot check in.

7. See If There Are Any Available Seats for Your Wedding Dress

So the buying a seat on the flight for your wedding idea is not in the budget or just seems to extra for you – then call your airline a day in advance and see if there are any empty seats on the flight. If there are, talk to the flight attendant when you board and see if you can be moved to be near by the empty seat. This is not guaranteed so have your Plan B in place.

8. Don’t Forget to Pack a Portable Steamer

You will need a steamer and an adapter to plug it in (if you are getting married overseas). Some hotels will have a steamer and adapter but do NOT risk it – taking your own or asking your hotel to have one ready in your room is key to avoiding any issues. To guard against water spots from the steamer, put a towel over the head of your steamer.

Well there you go. You now know everything you need to know about how to fly with a wedding dress!

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