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Today we are doing a Q&A with Charlotte Hale, Founder and CEO of Plum Pretty Sugar. Charlotte’s company is an innovator and leader in the wedding and bridal fashion industry.


Charlotte founded Plum Pretty Sugar nearly a decade ago, taking inspiration from a West Coast backdrop of easy living chic. From Southern California, Charlotte is the kind of girl who takes everything in and can whip out on-point thinking at a second’s notice. She loves a good brainstorm moment and finds distinct pleasure in re-thinking overdrawn, played-out product narratives.


She’s the originator and pioneer of the now global multi-million dollar bridal ‘getting ready’ category and her brand, Plum Pretty Sugar holds steadfast as its leader. Her innovative and against the grain thinking has created a product mix and visual identity well-known for it’s effortless, fresh and feminine lifestyle and includes bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid robes (and bridesmaid robe alternatives including bridesmaid pajamas, bridesmaid rompers, bridesmaid shirts… you name it.) Her brand is also sought out for honeymoon apparel, travel and everyday pieces as well as maternity robes, maternity dresses and more. Scroll down as this boss babe answers some of our pressing questions below.


Q: Tell us about Plum Pretty Sugar and what the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 looks like?

A: 2018 is our ninth year of business. We’ve been honored to maintain close relationships with our clients. Honestly, there is nothing more rewarding than  working with a bride during her wedding planning and seeing her through the birth of her child and into the everyday life moments. The journey of our brand in their lives from what started with a bridesmaid robe or bridal robe to summer dresses or a sundress, to a maternity robe or hospital robe and back to a romper or a floral dress, is what makes it all worth it. It’s an honor and an enormous pleasure to be a part of the most joyous moments in a woman’s life and well as the everyday. I’m grateful for it all.


I’m also incredibly thankful for the relationships with our retailers like BHLDN, Nordstrom and MGM Resorts. They help us bring the Plum Pretty Sugar brand forward so we can can create more of those meaningful and time-honored moments and relationships with our clients.


In terms of 2019… it’s a big one for Plum Pretty Sugar. It marks a decade of business and both begins new initiatives and progresses our genuine story as an independent American brand. We’ll also be celebrating the moments, the stories and the big impacts that have been a part of the last decade.


Q: Plum Pretty Sugar has grown so much over the last ten years. The brand is now leading the bridal industry with trendy and casual bridesmaid dresses. You offer many bridesmaid robe alternatives as well as apparel.  What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection and why?

A: Favorites are hard these days. I tend to find myself loving many but for a variety of reasons.

Jayne Dress:

I love a good dress… especially one that isn’t overtly sexy but is definitely feminine. I also love a good ruffle. Jayne has those elements. It’s fitted but flattering, covered but uncovered and has a beautiful drape that likens to a ruffle. We created it as a versatile multi-purpose floral dress that can be worn as bridesmaid dresses, but can also stand alone for any wedding event or occasion… think wedding guest dresses or rehearsal dinner dress, bridal shower dress or for any event. It’s not necessarily the most casual of our bridesmaid dresses but it’s my go-to dress.

Ruffle Cami Set:

In terms of bridesmaid robe alternatives… these flirty bridesmaid pajamas are one of my favorites. Again, a ruffle and feminine detail but also something really pretty and unique. A bridesmaid pajama set that I’m confident will be worn long after the bridesmaid prep or the wedding morning. We’ve been focused all these years on creating really beautiful high-quality bridesmaid robes or bridal party pjs and outfits that serve as memories and pretty mementos from the day. They’re not disposable, they’re not meant to rip or be left in a hotel room. We craft and curate them with attention to detail to be kept and worn for many years… that’s meaningful to us and our clients. That’s what keeps me going.

Hibiscus and Flutter Bridesmaid Robes:

I have a difficult time selecting one or the other as a favorite bridesmaid robe or bridal robe style. We created them to be versatile as beach or pool cover-ups and I love both robe options for that multi-purpose thing. The Flutter bridesmaid robe has that feminine ruffle and pretty component that is true to me and our Hibiscus fringe bridesmaid robes are fresh, chic and have that boho feel.

Flounce Pants:

I consistently profess my love for our Flounce lounge pants. They’re a multi-tasking sleep to street favorite. Again that flounce, ruffle, feminine element but I love them as an option for bridesmaid getting ready outfits and bridesmaid robes alternatives. They’re a bridesmaid gift that would definitely get some mileage after the wedding if their worn as much as I wear mine. I’m favoring them in our Boheme print these days matched with a white tank and off the shoulder top.

Q: We were chatting earlier and you mentioned some thinking on Bridesmaid Proposals. Can you share more of that?

A: I was recalling the other day about the start of “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” years back. We created thoughtful bridesmaid gifts, curated beautiful bridesmaid robes and pretty pieces to support and build the idea. It’s an honorable and kind concept and really, a coming of age moment and I love that.There is esteem and significant honor in asking the women that surround us and give us so much of themselves to us to be our bridesmaid. I’ve been saddened in recent years to see the origins and integrity of this really beautiful and principled concept seemingly lost amongst the trinkets and giftables of a “bridesmaid proposal.” I’d love to see this really sincere idea return to its origins and the focus of women, friendship and to a degree, empowerment.

Q: Tell us some of your personal favorites… artist, music, food, fashion must-haves, vacation spot and things to do.

A: Oh my gosh… I’m always working! The hustle is real. I honestly keep my head down and am constantly thinking, creating, asking. I love a good almond milk latte, vodka with diet tonic… There’s nothing like Cartier and a close vacation in Punta Mita. My husband and my two children (2 and 5) are my everything and the great loves of my life. My  happiest moments are spent cuddled on the master bed with all of them.

Q: What would tell someone thinking about starting a business in the wedding industry or a business in general in a few short sentences?

A: Look for the niches (can you imagine… bridesmaid robes and bridesmaid getting ready outfits? No one could ten years ago). Take a calculated risk but know the boundaries and every out, in and option. Learn to trust your gut even when it is telling you what you don’t want hear. It is always, always right. And importantly… and this is big in today’s social media environment… have an original and authentic idea that is true to you, not to someone else.

Plum Pretty Sugar began the bridesmaid robe and getting ready category ten years ago. The brand is a proven leader and innovator in the bridal industry and can be found at

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