What To Do If Your Bridesmaids Don’t Like Their Dresses

Photo by Ana Hinojosa and Sergio Sandona

So your bridesmaids don’t like the dresses that you have chosen for them. You are probably thinking that they should just be good friends and deal with it for your sake. I mean, you only plan to be a bride once. On top of it all, you actually like the dresses and think they fit with the wedding theme perfectly.

This is a tricky situation but there are ways to approach bridesmaids when they are unhappy with the wedding attire that they are wearing. Below are our 4 recommendations for dealing with bridesmaids who are voicing their dislike with the bridesmaids gowns:

  1. Find out what the problem is. First and foremost, you want to know why your bridesmaids are taking up an issue with the gowns as the reasons may vary and that means, so do the solutions. If a bridesmaid feels that the dress is not made for her body type or is not feeling physically comfortable in it – then it is best to accommodate her and perhaps offer her to choose a different style in the same colour. Some brides just might not like it because it is not their style. Each situation is different so talk to them openly about their concerns and go from there.
  2. Offer to allow them to change their dress to a dress of their choice for the reception. Many brides want their bridesmaids wearing their bridesmaids gowns all night – this way they stand out. This is especially the case when the bridesmaids will be sitting at the head table – since photos will be taken all night you want them to be in their bridesmaid looks. That said, if you feel flexible and want to be more understanding – offer them the opportunity to change their gowns at the reception or once the dance floor opens. This is a great way to make both sides happy.
  3. Explain to them why you have chosen the dress and why it is important to you. You would be surprised how many bridesmaids that dislike their bridesmaids gowns, assume that the bride has some sort of vendetta against them. Seriously, I have heard it before! That means, maybe you just need to talk to them and clear the air. Let them know why you chose the gowns that you did and why it means something to you to have them wear it. With some context, your girls might just stop complaining and see the positive side of things.
  4. Be proactive. It is best to choose the bridesmaids gowns with the bridesmaids. Collect their opinions, body types, sizes, shapes, style, preferences etc. and try to have an open mind while shopping for them. You don’t want to make a unanimous decision when it comes to bridesmaids gowns as this is what will normally lead to the bridal party not actually liking the gowns they have to wear!

Thats that babes. 4 ways to potentially deal with or prevent bridesmaids issues when it comes to their dresses. If you have any suggestions or thoughts – comment below!

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