Beach Wedding 101 – Everything You Need to Know

Beach weddings can happen locally or you can host your beach wedding at a far away destination. Either way, planning a beach wedding comes with it’s own unique logistics and we are here to tell you all about it.  By the end of this blog, you will know everything there is to planning a successful and stylish wedding on the beach.

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Location, aka, type of beach. What kind of beach do you want to get married in? There are a few options and the planning can vary amongst the

Resort Beach:
A resort wedding is a lot less stressful but might be a bit pricier. The reason a resort wedding would be more pricy is because the resort provides the staff, chairs, and they own the beach you will be marrying on. You avoid having to obtain city permits this way and having to book your own chairs and waiting staff for your wedding.

Public Beach:
A public beach is more affordable if you keep the decor and logistics to a minimum but it still comes with it’s own planning. For a wedding on a public beach you will need to reserve/book a particular area on the beach and this will normally require permits. Make sure to inquire with your state or city for the permits required. You will also need to hire staff (for set up and clean up) on your own as a public beach will not have the services that a resort would provide for their beach wedding.

Private Beach: 
If you or a family member own a private beach or have a private beach as a part of a property – then this is an option too. There may still be permits required but you will have the advantage of having a more secluded area to wed. Unlike public beaches, only those who own properties can have access to a private beach so it is a much more intimate feel than a public beach wedding. You may also host your reception in the beach house that you or your family member owns – making everything close by and convenient.

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Destinations vs Local Wedding
A destination wedding can happen at any of the three types of beaches we just named. There are public beaches, private beaches, and resort beaches anywhere in the world. If the beach you will be marrying on is not local, then you are having a destination wedding. Once you choose your destination, you want to begin planning the logistics of the wedding and everything you need to execute the perfect destination beach wedding.

Hire a Wedding Planner
A full service wedding planner is an amazing thing to have for any wedding but for a beach wedding it is absolutely game changing. There are a ton of elements to planning a beach wedding, especially if it is not a resort one, that a wedding planner can stay on top of and keep organized. From booking ceremony chairs, to making sure there is an aisle runner, right down to ensuring there are bathroom facilities for the wedding day – a planner can really make a beach wedding a seamless and successful one.

Be Strategic With Timing
Getting married on the beach means you are expecting warm weather and a lot of sun. You want to ensure that the ceremony does not happen at a time when there is scorching heat and potentially too much sun in everyones eyes either. Consider a morning or sunset ceremony so you can skip that mid afternoon heat and avoid the uncomfort that comes with it. Also, check the tide schedule for the beach as well to avoid having the wedding take place when the tides are high and noisy!

Hotel Blocks for Guests
If your beach wedding is a destination one, then you want to ask your resort or hotel for a block of hotels and better pricing for your guests. Since you are booking in bulk this is a great way to try and negotiate better pricing per room!

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Dress Code and What to Wear as the Bride
A beach wedding calls for more casual attire from guests but can still be semi-formal at the same time. As for the bride, the bride will normally not opt for a ball gown for a beach wedding. Brides choose more light weight and airy fabrics for a beach wedding. This is not only more comfortable and less fussy for a beach wedding but also perfect for the theme. You can go full on boho bride, barefoot bride, or really anything you want that makes you comfortable on the beach.

Guide and Take Care of Your Guests
You want to make sure that your guests know exactly where on the beach the wedding takes place, if they can wear shoes or should go barefoot, and all of the details. Consider accessibility issues that the beach may create for some guests and arrange logistics for those guests. Also, keep refreshments on site, a lemonade table or refreshment table to ensure no one gets dehydrated under the sun. Another great idea is to have a basket for guests to drop off their shoes before hitting the sand – this way they can walk barefoot without having to hold their shoes and store them around their chairs.

Cake Choices
This one is simple – if this is an outdoor beach wedding reception then go with a fondant cake. You don’t want a butter cream cake to be melting throughout the night!

Food and Drink
For food you can go with locale cuisine or choose another cuisine that you both love and is special to you. If your wedding is in Jamaica, you can choose local Jamaican catering services to service your food and drink. Make sure when selecting your menu to choose foods that do not easily go bad when under the sun too long. Also, make sure your catering staff is keeping guests hydrated with water throughout the night to avoid dehydration.

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Last but not less,

Have a Back Up Plan
Just like for any outdoor wedding, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a back up plan in place! Weather can suddenly change and you want to be prepared for it. We suggest renting a tent incase it rains. You can also ask your resort if they have a gazebo or some time of way to put a roof over guests in the case of rain.

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