The Bachelorette Party Timeline You Never Knew You Needed

Planning a bachelorette party sounds fun and easy – you book a booth at a stylish bar or club and you’re done. Right? Nope. Bridal parties are taking the traditional bachelorette and taking it to the next level with destination bachelorettes, themed bachelorettes, and full out stylish bachelorette events.

The bigger the event, the more details and days means you need to plan ahead and plan well. We have put together a bachelorette party planning timeline that will help you get started on what to do for your bachelorette planning and when to do it!

Four Months or More Before

  • Talk with Bride about destination/guest list/expectations
  • Send out email/text to invitees
  • Pick the Date
  • Set Budget
  • Choose a Location
  • Reserve lodging
  • Buy plane tickets (if needed)

Two Months Before

  • Send reminder and estimated itinerary for the trip
  • Make reservations for dinner/excursions/activities
  • Plan games/surprises/lingerie party

One Month Before

  • Send out detailed itinerary for the trip
  • Make sure responsibilities are divided up
  • Buy Decorations/Games/Props
  • Create Hashtag
  • Prepare Menu

One Week Before

  • Organize games/decorations/props
  • Pick up last minute things such as veil, candy, etc
  • Confirm with attendees leaving departure and other details
  • Talk with bride (unless a complete surprise)
  • Confirm Lodging
  • Get plenty of sleep

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