9 Tips on How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding from afar comes with it’s challenges but not only is it worth the challenge, but it can be done with as little stress as possible.

Throwing a destination wedding means you have a smaller guest list and a two-for-one honeymoon since you will likely spend your honeymoon at the destination that you are getting married in. This all makes planning a bit easier. That said, destination wedding planning comes with it’s own ups and downs – one of them being that you are not familiar with the location that you are going to be tying the knot. This is where we come in to help. Scroll down for our tips on how to throw a fabulous destination wedding in the easiest way possible.

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Make sure to choose a location that is sentimental to you. It is all about location for a destination wedding – I mean, it is in the name! You want to choose somewhere special and somewhere that will create the ultimate experience!

Choose a venue that does not need a lot of decor. Choose a venue that won’t need to be completely transformed. A rustic space that can be transformed with a touch of candles and florals is a great idea. Even a beach destination wedding only really needs a few touches since the environment is already breath taking. Don’t forget a destination wedding view is a backdrop of it’s own!

Let your guests know by sending early save-the-dates. Guests will need to book time off of work and choose flights and accommodations that fit their budget. This all takes time so make sure to give them about 8 – 12 months notice with a save the date!

Do research on wedding vendors and decide if you will hire from the destination location or from your own local vendors. If you hire your own cities local vendors then you have to pay for their travel and accommodation but the pro for this is you know and trust them. As for destination vendors, you will have to do plenty of research and read reviews to make sure they are a trusted brand. That said, for any vendor research is good to do before booking! We also have a blog on specifically booking your destination wedding hair and make up vendors!

Hire a Wedding Planner. A destination wedding can be overwhelming especially if it is not at an all inclusive resort. A wedding planner can really make the difference between potential chaos and a calm experience. Planners might also have local connections to trusted and reliable vendors which is key to research on when booking destination wedding vendors.

Consider your guests expenses. Basically choose an affordable hotel for them to stay at.

Visit the destination and venue in advance of the wedding. Try to make at least on trip to the destination before the wedding to see the venue in advance and meet your local vendors – you want to avoid surprises. That said, if you hire a planner that is experienced in that area and has preferred vendors there, then you might not have to make the trip.

Budget for travel and accommodation for travelling vendors. If you  hired vendors from your own city and are having them travel to the destination – make sure you set aside a budget for their travel and accomodation. It is a significant expense so keep this in mind! We also

Make sure you plan ahead for packing your wedding dress. We have a blog all about packing and travelling with your wedding dress. It will answer all of your questions about travelling with your gown.

Choose a dress that fits the theme of the location. If you are getting married on a beach then you want to go with lighter fabrics and something more airy and boho in style. For example, a ballroom gown wouldn’t be the best idea for a beach wedding. If you are throwing a Lake Como wedding in Italy then you want to dress to the theme as well.

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