8 Questions You Need to Ask Your Potential Wedding Planner

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Hiring a wedding planner is an essential part of your wedding journey. Whether you are seeking a full wedding planning package or day of coordination – you will feel a tremendous amount of relief having a professional by your side.

Now we all know the importance of hiring a wedding planner but how do you make the decision of who to hire? Since pretty much anyone who has planned their own wedding can refer to themselves as a wedding planner, asking the right questions will help you differentiate the amateurs from the professionals. By asking the right questions you will also be able to identify which wedding planner is perfect for you.

Here are 8 questions that you absolutely should ask your wedding planner. Don’t just ask the questions for the sake of asking but read below to find out why these questions are important to choosing your planner.

Question 1:
What kind of promotions of deals would I have access to through you?

One of the perks of hiring a wedding planner is that they have connections that you don’t. Their vendor friends may offer exclusive promotions and offers to your wedding planners clients only. This means you can save!

Question 2:
Have you ever worked with a venue similar in style to mine?

Every venue is different and some are super unique. Hiring a wedding planner that has experience with similar venues and/or your particular venues staff, can help things go much smoother on the day of.

Question 3:
What experience do you have? Can you share some examples of weddings you have helped design?

This one is super important. You want to see weddings that this wedding planner has helped design and execute. Not only will this tell you how much experience they have but also if their style of events matches your wedding vision.

Question 4:
Which one of your packages would be best for my wedding planning needs?

Instead of asking the wedding planner how much they cost, ask them what packages they have and what they suggest for you. Wedding planners don’t come at just one cost as their are multiple services they provide as well as different levels of support depending on your needs.

Question 5:
Are you able to help guide me to ensure I stay on budget as well as make increases/decreases where needed?

Basically, how will you help us stay in budget and how will you put us into check if we are going over or if we are well under and can spend a bit more.

Question 6:
Can you show us examples of some of your preferred vendors?

Wedding planners will recommend their preferred vendors to you so it’s only natural that you ask to find out who those vendors are in advance. This way you will know whether the vendors they work with are vendors that you would want to hire too.

Question 7:
How do you deal with issues and hiccups through out the wedding day?

No wedding day is perfect and it comes with its fair shares of fires to put out. One of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner is that they will take care of these fires for you. That means you want to know in advance that they can handle any issues and how they will handle them.

Question 8:
How involved will you be in the wedding planning? How many meetings do we have and what consultations of ours do you normally attend?

Every wedding planner has a different approach to planning. Some attend consultations, some don’t, some leave it up to the couple to decide what they want them to do. Either way, you want to set expectations in advance to avoid disappointment or confusion.

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