7 Tips For Your Bridal Beauty Regimen

Hey Brides! It’s real life bride, Brittney Bledsoe, here to address a common question from brides to be. How do I prepare my skin for the wedding to get that bridal glow?

A bride wants to look flawless on her wedding day, and this includes her face, body and skin! Beauty regimens can be common for brides to develop leading up to their wedding but there are so many options out there – where do you even begin? We have gathered some tips on making sure you have the glowing bridal skin you want for your big day!

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Ask your MUA for Some Tips

I know my MUA personally from a previous wedding, but as soon as I booked her, I asked my MUA her tips on making sure I was preparing my skin to be smooth and clear for my wedding. My MUA sent me a moisturizer and daily face cleanse she recommended. She also gave me other tips on how to best prep my skin! I suggested doing this as soon as you’re engaged and pick a MUA. Go to a local shopping centre and talk to the skin specialists at some of the reputable brands and see what they have to say.

Talk to an Aesthetician

An aesthetician is a skin care specialist so this person can be someone you see regularly and get accurate tips from! Hydra-facials are popular and beginning these about 9 months out can help a bride with clearing and smoothing her skin! Find a local, trustworthy skincare specialist and set up an appointment! I’ve begun hydra-facials and my Aesthetician gave me a great Vitamin C serum and moisturizer!

Visit your Dermatologist

If you want professional and medical direction or help with your skin, setting up an appointment with your dermatologist can be the best route. They may be able to offer more medicine for any of those dark spots or acne that continues to pop up. I would go see your dermatologist 9-12 months before your big day to really prepare a plan for your skin from products, to facials, down to the daily routine.

Eat and Drink Healthy

One of the easiest….well maybe not easy…but most effective and affordable ways to help with your wedding day skin is what you eat and drink! Did you know that wine is known for being a dehydrator? Well, maybe replace your glass of wine with some greens! Green juice and smoothies are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Bump up your water and veggies/fruit intake as well. Cleansing your daily eating habits can be huge for your skin! I suggest beginning this step as soon as you get engaged. I know for me eating super healthy takes a few weeks or a month to get into the swing of so don’t wait until the last minute to incorporate this tip! You don’t have to cut out your favourite junk foods but eat them in moderation. Tons of water and clean foods will do numbers for your skin.

Begin a Weekly Workout Routine

I’ve always been an active person but since getting engaged, I have stepped up my workouts and targeted certain areas I want to tone up for my wedding. If, like most of us, you can’t afford a personal trainer, I recommend finding some inspiration on social media to help with figuring out what workouts you need! There are tons of amazing fitness influencers who give accurate tips on how to get in your best physical shape before the big day. Begin this beauty step immediately of being engaged. Seeing results from workouts can take some time.

That said, bringing it back to skin care, the sweat that comes out of a good workout session is extremely good for your skin as it opens up your pours. Working out is a key step to healthy skin.

Talk with your Hair Stylist

Hair is another important part for a bride’s beauty regimen and can be often forgotten. Personally, I never have dyed my hair but I can speak from a friend’s point of view….DO NOT try anything new to your hair within 6 months of your wedding. My friend wanted to try a new color on her hair and let’s just say by the end of the day after her appointment her hair was breaking off! Yes the hair stylist should have known and my friend will never return to her again but my friend needed a full 6 months to get her hair back to a healthy state. You need to ask a reputable hair stylist on some tips. I’ve added an extra step in my hair care routine, which has helped strengthen my hair! Also, I bought hair extensions within 9 months of my wedding to test and try out in my hair.

Things People May Forget About

You may forget about your teeth and nails! Stay away from drinking too much dark colored drinks, and if you do drink them, use a straw. Teeth Whitening Kits can be used a month before your wedding for extra help with your smile! I suggest start using a daily whitening mouth wash as soon as you’re engaged
to jumpstart this part of your beauty regimen! Also, we can’t forget about our nails. Regular manicures and gentle hand scrubs are great for making sure your hands look great for your wedding!

Here are some key pointers!:

  1. Do NOT try something new within a month of your wedding!
  2. Take your hair extensions with you to your hair trial
  3. Don’t get a spray tan a day or two before your wedding
  4. Invest in good soap and moisturizer
  5. Get your nails done a day or two before you wedding – Neutrals are BEST

Don’t stress over this….your groom is marrying you for YOU! You are beautiful the way you are and these are meant to beauty enhancer tips not to change you into a person you are not!

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