6 Ways To Be an Amazing Bridesmaid

Brittney Bledsoe

With engagement season in full swing, that means bridesmaids proposals are happening all over too! We’ve seen some cute and original bridesmaids proposals lately with levels of detail that scream BFF.

So let’s get to the point and to what really matters. You’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, you’re excited, you popped the champagne, but now what?
Being asked to be a bridesmaid is exciting but it comes with many responsibilities that you should take seriously. Becoming a bridesmaids is a true test to your friendship and loyalty, so we are here to help you pass!

Just be a good friend.
Be the friend she’s asking you to be! If you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid, you are an important part of the brides life, and the job requires you to keep doing everything you’ve been doing to earn that spot in her life. Be a good listener, give advice and opinions, and be there to celebrate!

Be considerate.
Be wise about when to speak up and when to stay silent! If she’s already purchased her dress before she asks your thoughts, then you already love the dress. The goal is to be constructive!

Set the expectations early on.
Set your boundaries and ask her to make her expectations explicit. The best way to avoid hurt feelings and unwanted stress for both parties to be clear about what this role means. This means asking about who is hosting the bridal shower and bachelorette if those are events the bride wants, how involved does she need you in the wedding planning from opinion to attending vendor meetings, discussing budgets, discussing bridal party outfits and make up etc. Be clear, honest and open up-front!

Plan something special for the bride.
Try to include a special touch by teaming up with the other bridesmaids to decorate the hotel room or getting ready area. It’s easy to pull inspiration and DIY instructions to create a picture perfect setting for the bride and the girls to get ready and have fun. Don’t forget the snacks and drinks!

Offer to help wherever you can.
As much as you’re there to celebrate, you should also aim to help! Make sure to contribute with some small aspect of the wedding planning to help the bride feel less stressed! Volunteer for a specific task such as helping to chase late RSVPs, being on bathroom duty and learning how to help her use the bathroom in a wedding dress, or even being on makeup and lipstick alert for the day of!

Choose your battles wisely.
You may not love the bridesmaids dress or the colour, but remember, it is not your wedding, it is your friends wedding. Avoid creating problems about minor things that you can easily let go of and look at the bigger picture. You want your friend to enjoy the day and this once in a life time experience, so if you are going to take an issue with something, make sure it is worth bringing up.

Following these six rules of thumb, you will be the perfect bridesmaid to your friend! Remember, the goal is to add to the fun of the process of getting married and the bride has already decided you’re up to the task by popping her question.

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