6 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas for Newly Weds and Married Couples

The pressure can be high on your first Valentine’s day as a married couple. Certain aspects of your relationships have changes, you live together now, may be even share the same bank accounts (making surprise gifts a bit tough), and see each other everyday. This can all add to the pressure of making sure to have a super romantic Valentine’s Day to prove to yourselves (and maybe others) that the romance is still very much alive. And it is so you don’t need to prove it on any given day.

I suggest taking things easy on your first Valentine’s day as a married couple, order in, watch a movie, have a glass of wine and unplug from social media for a night. These are super romantic and sweet ways to spend the day without feeling the pressure to do too much. That said, if you two are a super Valentine’s loving couple then go ham on it – we always love an Instagram worthy Valentine’s date night too! I have compiled 6 Valentine’s day ideas for the newly wed or just married couple in general – I think you’ll love these ideas.

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Movie night and order in. If you two aren’t big on Valentine’s day anyway but always like to enjoy it doing something together – then a movie night in and some good take out is all you need to make it a good night. Now that you are living together as a married couple, you have the luxury to kick back, relax, and just enjoy each others company without all of the fancy business.

Go on a mini get away. Book a night or two at a resort not too far away from home and make a mini road trip out of it. This way you can get out of the house together for something different but still keep it intimate and low-key.

Double date night. Some couples just don’t like the pressure of spending Valentine’s day together hoping for some magical romantic spark to happen. If that is the two of you then a date night with your favourite couple is the best idea. You will have good food, good laughs, and still get to spend time with your partner while not having to feel the pressure of Valentine’s day romance!

Couples potluck. Why not invite your closest friends? Couples, single folks, any one near and dear to you and have a pot luck? This is a great way to invite friends over to your new place together while enjoying a good time. Trust me, anyone invited will appreciate it!

Relive your first date. If you want to do something different and special – take it back to where it all started. Go to the place you went on your first date and bring back those sweet memories. This idea will not go wrong!

Watch your wedding video and chill. I mean, I still can’t stop watching my wedding video and it’s been 5 years so really, this is a cute idea. Re live those memories over wine and great food while cuddling up.

Image by Hello Fashion Blog

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