6 Things all Healthy Couples Do

Keeping a relationship exciting and happy in the early stages is easy, but the going can get tough later on in a relationship and we are here to help! If you need some tips on how to keep your relationship positive, healthy, and happy, then this one is for you babe.

  1. They regularly express appreciation for one another. In a relationship, especially when living together, there are responsibilities. It is important that you let your partner know you appreciate them taking on their share of the chores and also, that they show you the same appreciation. A simple, “thank you” goes a long way for building a stronger more loving relationship.
  2. They have boundaries and space. You should always have me time and so should your significant other. Going out with the girls, having a spa day, or simply just running errands on your own, while your partner does their own thing is critical to having a strong and healthy relationship. You should be spending quality time together regularly however, quality time alone and with your own social circles is great too. Many couples end up being too clingy to one another or just one partner is too clingy. This is a recipe for arguments. Healthy space is healthy.
  3. They Snuggle and show daily signs of “I love you”. We cannot stress this one enough. Many couples and especially married ones or those who have been living together for a long period of time, forget to do this. If you notice that you argue a lot or do not feel your partners affection, try showing those small signs of love and the regular affection will pour right in. Kissing each other hello and goodbye is a perfect example of this. We may not realize it but when it comes to affection in a relationship, a little goes a long way.
  4. They communicate, in a respectful way. If you and your partner are constantly bad mouthing each other and calling each other names as if it is a casual thing, you are headed on the highway to hell. Being silly and making fun of each other is great but being disrespectful to each other is not. These small remarks and signs of disrespectful behavior add up to eachother to a point where there is no boundaries and no respect in your regular communication. Be kind, starting your sentences with honey, sweet, baby – are all good things.
  5. They stay in touch with each other throughout the day. We don’t mean obsessively messaging each other to find out what the other is doing every second. We are referring to sending messages throughout the day checking up, updating each other, and just saying hello. Healthy couples spend the whole day in touch here and there and trust us, it works in building trust and great communication. It also brings you closer together if you both work and don’t have too many hours awake in the day together!
  6. They are honest. Honesty is key. White lies and big lies are all problematic. Being able to tell the truth to each other even if the truth hurts, is important to a healthy relationship.

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