5 Tips for Managing Your Period at Your Wedding

There is a way to deal with your period during the wedding and we promise, everything will be all right!

As you know, we do daily questions and answers on @theweddingpic IG stories. We get all kinds of questions from women all over the world and from all walks of life. The other day we got one that totally caught us off guard and we thought, why haven’t we discussed this before? The question was, “What do I do if I have my period during my wedding”. This is a legitimate thing to worry about and not spoken about enough. I mean, the golden rule of every woman’s life is, don’t wear white while on your period (or any light colours) but in this case, you definitely will be wearing white. Our period can also creep up on us early, late, or totally at the wrong time so we can’t be sure of exactly when we will get our periods and So how can you you deal?

Getting your period during vacation or an exciting weekend is annoying enough but during your wedding? It can really bring down your mood. That said, there are ways to manage and deal with your period during your wedding that will help get you through it as if mother nature isn’t all up in your business trying to get between you and your wedding.

Here are 3 tips for successfully managing your period during the wedding:

Track your periods 
Although our periods can be unpredictable it is important to do your best and begin tracking as soon as possible. There are plenty of mobile apps that you can use to track your menstrual cycle. If you are early enough you can even make sure to book your wedding date far away from when you expect to get your period so that way even if it doest come early/late you are safe. If that’s not an option and your date is set in stone, track it so you can plan ahead. No one wants any surprises from mother nature on the big day so being prepared for it helps.

Use Tampons
I say this because the chance of leaking through your pad is much higher than leakage in a tampon. It is the safest bet of the two but also of course is not guaranteed protection. You will also have to change your tampon at least once during the reception based on your leakage so keep that in mind as you don’t want it to overflow and leak.

Wear a thick underwear
Protect yourself from any potential leaks. Of course, let’s plan to have no leaks but this will keep you feeling less worried and more protected.

Let your MOH know so that she can do checks on you and your dress so that all is ok.
Having someone who knows you are on your period to be on your side and supporting you through the day is important. You want them checking your dress just in case and making sure you get the trips to the bathroom if you need them.

Try Menstrual Disks
This is a recent menstrual product and we have heard good things about it being long lasting and protecting women from leaks. Click here for more details and you can read some reviews below. We have not tried this product personally so I suggest to do your research in advance to make sure it is right for you. Purchase a box ahead of time to see how it works and it could possibly be helpful!

“It’s only day 3 of me trying Flex and I already want to shout from the rooftops how much I love this! I was nervous about having to get my hands ‘messy’ with insertion/removal, but then I told myself I’m a grown woman and I need to be comfortable with my own body- period or not. I inserted it correctly on the first try thanks to the super helpful (and funny) product guide. The guide also eased all my fears by addressing all of the issues I was nervous about, but too shy to ask. The instruction guide is great! I have had ZERO LEAKS! I can’t even tell that I’m wearing it! Being a newbie, I keep having the sensation like when a tampon leaks, but I look down and my panties are clean. It’s freakin magical! I’m going to tell all of my girlfriends! The Flex is revolutionary.

“I am in love with this thing, seriously. I was apprehensive that I would encounter leaks when I was first learning to use it, but I was able to place it properly the first time with no leaks throughout the day (except when I go #2, it empties out and I have to put it back in place, which is MESSY). Before Flex, I used tampons without applicators for the environmental benefit, so I’m pretty much used to getting messy and I really don’t care, I just wipe it off and wash hands really well before & after. I love that it lasts for 12 hours, so I just use one when I wake up and one before bed. I love that it’s easier on the environment (bc you’re using less of them), but still conveniently disposable. My only problem is that the 24/2 months is too many, but the 16/2 months is not enough. I ended up just ordering the biggest box and just delaying my next order until I run out. I wish these were available in the store. So, yeah, it’s a little messy when you put it in, messier when u take it out (which I do sitting on the toilet to trap the fallout, lol), but if you’re an Amazon woman like me you won’t mind the mess and will love how effective this thing is. To me, it’s worth the $!!



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