5 Gifts Your Girl Will Actually Want for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day = a good time with bae, right? Of course. But it also is a day to gift your significant other with something thoughtful that will make the day feel that much more special. Now to the boys who are reading this, flowers and chocolate are great but there are many other things you can get the woman in your life that will have a greater impact. I mean, surprising her with In-N-Out burger, shakes, and a good movie? Uh, amazing.

We have you all set up so don’t worry about what to get her. We have kept it super simple so scroll down for 5 gift ideas that every woman will actually want for Valentine’s Day this year.

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Her Favourite Perfume.
There is no such thing as owning too much perfume – atleast not for women. Take a look at her vanity next time you are together and choose one of her favourite perfumes to gift her with. It is an easy, sweet, and can’t-go-wrong gift.

A Couples Photo Shoot.
In the age of social media – everyone wants a photo shoot. Set up a shoot with a photographer she follows on Instagram or that you think has her style. Plan a date night, ask her to dress up, and before going for a romantic dinner you can have a 45 – 60 minute shoot with photos to last a life time!

A Night at a Fancy Hotel.
I mean, sexy much? Book a night at a hotel that you know she would love to stay at and make a night of it. Order room service, pop some champagne (or wine), and just let loose together. Trust me, this is one gift idea your significant other won’t say no to!

A Love Letter.
The most thoughtful (and affordable) thing a guy can do is write a love letter to his significant other. I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t appreciate hearing her man write down some kind words about how he feels about her and the relationship. This gift can go in conjunction with any gift to make it that much better – its a guarantee winner.

Because, wine. Make sure that if you are staying in or going out that a bottle of wine is involved.

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