5 Engagement Announcement Ideas Using Ring Selfies

A common trend of this generation is announcing your engagement on social media! This is a special moment you might choose to share in a creative way with your followers. Here are some ideas to announce your engagement!

Image by Britt Bledsoe
  • Post Pictures from Your Proposal – The most common way to announce an engagement is posting pictures from your proposal.
Image by Britt Bledsoe
  • Ring selfie – you can get very creative with a classic ring selfie. You can include your partner in the back or have your partner take a picture of you.
Image by Britt Bledsoe
  • Use letterboards and flat lays – Round up some flowers and wedding magazines to dress up your cute letterboard quote.
Image by Britt Bledsoe
  • The Shocked Bride Selfie – This is the selfie where your face is actually in the image as your hubby to be snaps the ring selfie from his angle. This is the ultimate test of your mans photo taking skills and whether or not he will be IG hubby material! 😉

Image by Britt Bledsoe
  • Use other props – Such as coffee mugs, magazines balloons, signs, dogs, etc
Image by Britt Bledsoe

Here are some cute captions for your engagement announcement!

  • Pop the Champagne I’m getting a new last name
  • Mrs. so in so has a nice RING to it
  • Pop the Bubbly I’m getting a hubby
  • Goodbye Miss Hello Mrs.
  • I can’t keep calm because I’m getting married
  • Like Beyonce but with an F
  • Two less fish in the sea
  • YAS that’s what she said
  • Does this ring make me look engaged?
  • He liked it so he put a ring on it
  • Wifey for Lifey

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