4 Ways to Afford a Wedding Planner


Hi, Bride Babes! Britt Lennartsson here to help with your questions on budgeting for a wedding planner.

So you’re recently engaged, and you’ve realized you may need some help with your wedding planning or just day of wedding coordination. You start to research wedding planners, and you begin to panic because the cost may be out of your budget or you’re unsure how much help you may need with
wedding planning. Wedding planners can range from as low as $1000 to more than $10,000. We have ways you can include a wedding planner to ease your wedding planning and day of anxiety while staying within whatever your budget is!

Here are our 4 tips on how you can afford a wedding planner for your big day!

Wedding Price Card

Do you have a Wedding Price Card (WPC) pass? If so, you are in luck because Wedding Price Card has several wedding planners on their wedding vendor list that offer discounts and deals for pass holders! If you don’t have a WPC pass, then this is just another reason to get one! You can save on wedding planning by booking a WPC Preferred wedding planner.

Don’t see a wedding planner in your area or just looking for a planning service to help in the months/year leading up to your big day? Then ask one of the WPC wedding experts. A WPC pass includes wedding planning advice and tips from their very own team of wedding experts! You are given priority service in responding to emails or calls to help with planning your wedding! You can find out more at www.weddingpricecard.com


Hire a Wedding Planner for Day of Wedding Coordination

If you choose to have a wedding planner for only your rehearsal and wedding day, this can cut down the costs for a wedding planner. For my wedding, I researched local wedding planners to help with mainly the rehearsal and day of because my mother and I did the planning that a full service wedding planner would normally do.

I did want a person to organize and run our wedding rehearsal as well as a be my point person for the day of the wedding to ensure everything was on running smoothly. Wedding planners will charge less for not assisting in the year/months before your wedding and this could potentially cut the cost to more than half. It is important to check rates for day of coordination because you can still have a wedding planner but at a easier cost on your budget.

Keep in mind that if you choose to use someone for only wedding rehearsal and day of coordination, you still need to keep them in the loop of your wedding planning. You need to connect your planner with all of your vendors, and have a discussion about your wedding day timeline.

My wedding planner was given all of my vendors’ contact info and vice versa, came to my venue for a quick run through, and participated in several conversations with some vendors and I the month of my wedding. This will be up to your wedding planner in how much they will participate if you are only paying for 48 hours of their time, but you still need to update them on the plans!

Choosing a Trusted, Neutral Friend or Acquaintance

I found several local wedding planners, but their prices were out of my budget. I chose to have a close, trusted, neutral friend who helped with my wedding rehearsal and wedding day. This sweet friend was honored to help with the wedding day, and she did not ask for a certain price, but we did negotiate a reasonable rate for her time. It is common for people to choose friends or family members who are not in the wedding party to help with wedding day coordination. You may ask “What do you mean by neutral?”, and this is extremely important if you’re choosing a friend/acquaintance to participate in your wedding day. When asking someone to help with your wedding, you need a person who is professional and unbiased. Their focus needs to be making what you want for your wedding come to life while being able to address family members or your wedding party with ease.

Your day of coordinator is basically the boss of everyone…yes even the Bride on the wedding day. This person will need to be comfortable with being in an authority position. Including a person who has conflict with family, wedding party members, or wedding vendors will make it harder for things to get done promptly. So I recommend choosing a trusted, neutral person everyone can get along with for your wedding.

Now although from my personal experience, hiring a friend worked out well for me – it does not always work out well for others. Take this advice with a grain of salt and ONLY choose to have a friend help with day of coordination if you absolutely are sure they can execute the job as a professional. Otherwise, it is well worth the day of coordination cost.

Online Wedding Planning Tools

There are other websites/apps that include wedding planning tools to help brides with staying organized and creating a wedding plan. You may not get to talk directly with a wedding planning team or advisor, but these online websites help with searching, organizing and keeping track of your wedding planning along with offering suggestions or templates. Some include Wedding Wire, the Knot, Zola, Carats and Cake, and Wedding Happy.

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