18 Wedding Expenses Brides Forget to Budget For

Creating a budget and spending plan for your wedding is challenging and like all challenges, it comes with it’s own hiccups. We can plan and plan and plan but there will always be something we missed, big or small! But there are ways we can plan even better and ensure we have as little hiccups as possible.

So let’s talk about wedding expenses that brides almost always forget to budget for. These expenses show up at the last minute and catch us off guard. For this reason we always suggest brides to have a budget for misc items. Here are 20 wedding expenses that couples most often forget to budget for!

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Bridesmaids / Groomsmen Proposals
Now that it is becoming more trendy to “propose” to your wedding party – this expense is a real one. It could come in the form of a dinner where you host your friends at home or at a restaurant. You can also get them each individual gifts. Either way, it comes with a price tag and most couples will not include this in their budget.

Skin and Beauty Treatments
Skin care is super important for any bride. You want to find and buy the right products to begin prepping for that bridal glow. You also will be going into facials and treatments ahead of the big day and a single facial can start at $100 and go upward from there. Keep this one in mind!

Bachelorette Party Expenses
Although the brides MOH or bridesmaids will normally cover this cost, bachelorette parties are going to another level and that means, so are the expenses. If it is a destination bachelorette party then the bride might pay for her own flight while her girls cover the rest. Just make sure to plan ahead and know what your bachelorette expenses might be.

You will have to pay to send out those save-the-dates and invites. Although stationary might have been in the budget – postage can easily be forgotten. The bigger the wedding, the higher the costs for postage.

Food for the Morning / Day of
Have you ever spend an entire morning in a brides home or wedding hotel suite and starved the entire time? Yeah, it sucks. Brides, make sure that you arrange for catering or someone to pick up food for your family and friends to snack on while getting ready. Whether you and the groom are getting ready at a hotel or at home – there has got to be a spread of food. It is good etiquette.

Day of Stationary
Escort cards, signage, menus, itineraries, place cards and other types of day of stationary are easily forgotten during the planning phase. Make a list of the day of stationary you will need and account for it in the stationary budget.

Getting Ready Hotel Suites
Where are you getting ready? If it is in a hotel – then don’t forget to account for the cost for a night or two. For getting ready photos we always recommend booking a suite and not a regular room because the bulk of the room will be the bed which leaves little to no room for photos and your family/friends.

You may have budgeted for the dress but what about those alteration costs? Make sure you put some money aside for this and include it in your budget. Make sure not to mix it up with the dress budget as these are two different costs.

Undergarments and Accessories
Bra, underwear and spanx matter. Make sure to budget for a good quality product here that is sexy too!

Pre-Wedding Events Attire and Make up/Hair
It is easy to forget that you will need an outfit for so many events other than the wedding. You will need a bridal shower gown, bachelorette gown, rehearsal gown, etc. The list can go on depending on how many pre-wedding events you have. This is an important thing not to forget as it adds up quickly.

Wedding Favours
If you are going ahead with wedding favours – don’t forget to budget for it in advance.

Unexpected Guests
There might be some surprise show ups (hopefully not but there might) so be prepared for a few extra on the head count just in case.

Day of Coordinator
I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a day of coordinator to keep the day on track. Budget for this as it goes a long way and most brides only realize this at the last minute.

Vendor Meals / Table
The vendors got to eat and sit too so make sure to budget for a “vendor table”. Let your venue know and they may even have a lower cost for these seats.

Lighting and Sound
Lighting is just as important as decor and yet it is so easily overlooked. Talk to your venue and DJ about these expenses in advance and put it in the budget.

Vendor Tips
We have a full guide to tipping your vendors here.

Marriage License
Although this may not be a huge expense it can still be anything from $50 to $200 so keep it in mind in advance.

“Other” or Misc Expenses
There will aways be little expenses here and there for a wedding – things you can’t even plan for sometimes so make sure to have a bucket for the “other” items :).


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