10 Fun and Romantic Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

For those of us that are in serious relationships, engaged, or married – Valentine’s Day is like Christmas. It can be full of gifts, good food, cuddles, and cozy fun inside or out. It also happens to fall smack in the middle of the winter season so most date night ideas will involve some type of winter date or a cozy day in – either way, make it worth it with our list of Valentine’s date night ideas that can’t be beat!

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Chocolate Making / Tasting.

Who needs that corny drug store box of chocolates when you can have the full chocolate experience? Learn directly from the pro’s at a local chocolate shop or chocolate making class. I mean, it’s not only the best treat ever, but there is something quite sexy about making some chocolate with bae.

Ice Skating.

A classic that just can’t go wrong. Ice skating always leads to lots of laughs, hugs, falls, and some instagramable moments! You can end the night by dining out or ordering in while getting cozy over candlelight.

Museum or Art Gallery Night.

Plenty of Museums and Galleries will host events for a holiday such as valentine’s day for couples to stroll and enjoy the exhibits with some romantic vibes. Check out your local museums and see what they have going on. If they don’t have anything going on, then you can go anyway and enjoy the exhibit hand in hand!

Dinner and a Movie.

Need I say more? This pairing can never go wrong and is the best idea of a couple who is just beginning their serious relationship. The cutest memories and moments happen at those good old dinner and movie date nights.

A Sports Game.

Do you both love soccer? Basketball? Baseball? Hockey? Grab tickets to your favourite game and end it with a nice meal together. This will definitely be a winner if you are both sports fans.

A Live Show.

Live theatre or a live musical is always an amazing experience. Find a local show or a show that is playing in the city for a limited time and make sure to see it together. Normally these live shows happen in the downtown core so you can have a stroll down town afterwards and grab a nice bite to eat too.

A Spa Day.

We do a lot of fun things with our significant other but have you tried just kicking back and relaxing together? It is true bliss! Find a spa that has amenities that you both can enjoy. This is a full on day to night date idea so you really won’t have a minute of not enjoying this special day together.

Book a Hotel.

I mean, romantic much? Book a stylish and fancy hotel, order in and spend the night being intimate, drinking good wine, and eating delicious foods. We aren’t talking ordering burgers and fries – order something sexy like steak, fresh pasta, or desserts. A day and night in a hotel will be an unforgettable one as you shut off from the world for a day and just enjoy each other.

Cooking Class.

Cooking classes are super fun and you learn something too. If you both are into food and dining – then this will be a fun experience. You can also opt to do this at home yourselves – find an awesome recipe, make a grocery list of items you will need, grab them, come up, pop a bottle and drink while you create food magic in the kitchen while holding each other close.

Dance Class.

Who doesn’t love to dance? Step out of your comfort zone and learn how to move your bodies together. There really isn’t much that is more sensual and romantic as a salsa or tango class together on Valentine’s day.

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